The Aerie Peak Aces are born

At the end of season press conference for the Aerie Peak Blood Bowl League. League commissioner, Arondel Highlight, ascends the podium.


Thank you all for coming to this conference. Firstly, I’d like to congratulate the Spitespyre Scum, for defending their championship for the third season in a row. And commiserations to their finals opponents, the Wildhammer Wanderers, for the loss of their star blitzer is a bold attempt at a last minute equaliser. Truly he died as he lived, a true star player.

Secondly, I’d like to address the current rumours that we will not be holding the league next year. While there is some truth behind the rumour, we are here to discuss our plan to keep the league open.

Due to a lack of fans attending last season’s games, which we believe is due to most results being foregone conclusions-as far as they ever can be in a game such as ours-the league has operated at a loss for the first time ever. Our treasury has warned us that if this continues next season, we will be bankrupted. We cannot allow our league to fold, and therefore have a plan, which we have discussed with the six top teams from the APBBL, and will reveal here.

We have been invited, as a league, to send forth a team to represent our corner of the blood bowl world on a larger stage!ย  The MML, mead and mayhem league-rest assured, despite the name, the league is neither Norse nor Dwarven- have invited us to send one of our teams to compete. The prize money is far, far too good to turn down, and we believe we have found a solution which will allow us to send our very best players, whilst also changing the league here for the better.

The six top teams from the league will each give two players to a “draft” held next week. They will each be allowed to protect five of their players from being drafted, and will release two to the newly formed squad, picked by their new manager, Skarrz Spitespyre, the head coach of the triple crown winning Spitespyre Scum.

These twelve players will be given the best equipment and coaches we can muster, first class travel to…wherever the hell this tournament is being held…and will each receive five percent of whatever prize money they win upon their return. The head coach will receive ten percent, and the remaining thirty percent will, by our calculation, be enough to keep our league afloat for three seasons at least, assuming a top four finish, which we are relatively confident of. After all, our league is known for finesse, high scores and star plays. With the cream of our crop, or our “Aces”, if you will, The Aerie Peak Aces will enter the MML for the good of our league.


We also believe that this will change the balance of our league, allowing for more exciting games, unexpected results, and hopefully a resurgence of ticket and cabal vision sales, as well as opportunities to explore a new market. We will also be releasing the new teams merchandise shortly.

I’m sure you join me in wishing them all the very best of luck, and we will be back here next week for the draft. Thank you”


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