The Agreement

Once upon a time, there was a broken werewolf. The Princess Bride had suffered a few injuries in her day…been badly hurt, missed a couple of games, even been killed a couple of times and regenerated back to life. But in her last match against a particularly vicious Norse team whose coach was rumored to be a rogue artificial intelligence program devoid of any human emotions, she suffered the worst of all injuries for a wolf: a smashed collarbone. This same injury had permanently sidelined her teammate, Garden State, during the regular season. There was just no place for a weak wolf on a Blood Bowl team.

She had no clue what she would do after this postseason. Since her one true love and former teammate, Shawn Michaels, had died on the pitch a few seasons back (, she had no personal life to speak of. She hadn’t even thought of a career past her playing days.

But, for now, her team was still fighting for the MML Championship. Without her (or any wolf) to lead them, the only other original team member, Sleepless in Seattle, a wight, had put the team on his back and led them to the Final.

So she stayed focused, trying to keep her mind off of the inevitable depression that would come when the postseason was over and she was left to pick up the pieces of her shattered life. She worked her rehab with the same passion that she would had she been recovering to play again, even though she knew she had no shot of taking the field for the Championship. She was, after all, a consummate professional. She would at least look fit cheering her teammates on, even as a spectator.

Her coach was very supportive, as he had always been with her. He still consulted with her about strategy throughout the playoffs, and he even attended some of her rehab sessions. Most importantly to her, he didn’t refer to her status as a player or as a part of the team in the past tense. She figured the conversation was coming soon…had to be before the Final…but she appreciated being officially a part of the roster for every last moment that she could before she had to suffer those stinging words that she dreaded and before she had to relinquish her captain’s patch.

So here she was, back in Coach Serious Jest’s office, probably for the last time. The team had just left Velcro Candy’s Funerallapalooza. The rock star ghoul had demanded in his last will and testament that his funeral be a celebration of his rock star lifestyle, rather than a melancholic affair, and it had been a party no one would soon forget. She was a little drunk, and she had such a good time dancing and reminiscing with her teammates that she actually stopped thinking about her injury for the first time since it happened. Then Coach Jest asked her and Rocky “Da Brik” Danger to come back in his office for a few minutes. Da Brik had suffered a fractured skull in the same match in which she had been injured, and that injury would remain a serious chink in his armor for the rest of his playing days.

Coach Jest reached across the desk and handed The Bride a parchment. The wax appeared to have been recently broken. “This just got signed and delivered tonight,” he said, as he waited for her to read it.

Da Brik growled, “ What are those? Our release papers? Well, F’OOOOORC y—“

“It’s an agreement signed by the Hopeless Necromantics and the Ubersreik Flamers not to make any roster changes before the Final,” interrupted The Bride. “Does this mean what I think it means?”

“You’re both playing in the MML Championship Match,” confirmed Coach Jest. “Congratulations. You earned it; especially you, Captain.”

“–yyyou’re a great coach!” finished Da Brik.”I knew you wouldn’t just cast us aside before the big match!”

“Some critics think I’m making a mistake,” continued Coach Jest. “They think I should cut you both and use the TV drop to replace you with Hack and Wilhelm Chaney. But I believe in you. Bride, you’ve been here since Day One, and you’ve been the heart and soul of this team throughout. We wouldn’t be in the Championship Match without you, and we wouldn’t want to play it without you. Now both of you, go get some sleep. I expect to see you at practice tomorrow. Big match coming up.”

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