The Aristotle Agyrazkodas Files Pt. 2

After turning his attention away from the Cabalvision Crystal Ball coverage of the Killadelfia Jinxers making the Wood Elf nemesis painstakingly cringe at any prospect of emerging from the locker rooms even with Zara The Slayer suiting up for them, Aristotle Agyrazkodas analytically critiqued the Thakareedu Virus season so far which included Orcs, High Elves and Kislev.

Pundits believe that after narrow losses to the aforementioned squads that Rottstar Energy Drink was reevaluating it’s association with the floundering Beast, Warriors, Pestigors as well as Rotters for this isn’t anywhere near being the powerhouse performer once envisioned. The latest press conference was littered with questions from the Blood Bowl media such as such as “How come you didn’t bring the Killadelfia Jinxers to the MML”, “Did you picture the maiden voyage through the MML being so rough” plus “Will the Deathsmarytr Iron Scythes re-emerge as a candidate for future MML play”. A turmoil ridden trio of games hasn’t helped at all as the Thakareedu Virus are quagmired in mediocrity and a shorter season consisting of seven games puts more pressure than ever on them.

Snowballing issues further was the order of sarcophaguses from the region of Jabaal Amkhebu that an anonymous fan sent Aristotle Agyrazkodas in an attempt to gently nudge him to replacing the Nurgle with Khemri. He stood still and had “Nurgle” echoing in his mind for that was what he had success with before and was going to motor ahead with…

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