The Aristotle Agyrazkodas Files Pt. 7

A chorus of jubilation roared through the Camberwell Citadel as the Goblin “Zebra” exhaustedly puffed into his whistle for the St. Mahlbuerne Pioneers exhibited a plethora of promise with a gripping vanquishing of the Destroyers Reborn, yet it came with a price which was seeing the motionless corpse of Harvey Parkhill (Blitzer) escorted off the pitch. The hooliganistic natured hoi polloi of fans barracking for the Pioneers will see Gordon Fitzgibbon (Blitzer) fill the void that Harvey Parkhill’s untimely death if there ever is such a thing in the “Astrogranite Anarchy” of Blood Bowl has left.

In his battle-scarred hands, Aristotle Agyrazkodas held the contracts of the Shamutanti Hills Swordz (Goblins) who slugged it out much to the chagrin of their followers for a 1-2 failure against a visiting I Malati (Humans) squadron resulting in Makita Tendonsplitter (Looney) scrambling away with the MVP honours and the unopened wax seal of a Khemrian team called the Jabaal Amkhebu Ancients through the encrypted hieroglyphics rough translation. One of these squads will become more prominent on the barnstorming scene depending on how the H.K.S. Harlequins (Elven Union) or Killadelfia Jinxers (Underworld Denizens) perform as there is a formula in place to measure the success of them. If a team has for example a record of 1-1-12, they’ll be shown the door of Aristotle Agyrazkodas’ office and given a royal boot up the wazoo which ultimately means if the amount of losses is 10 more than the combination of wins and draws, they’re gone for good. As it stands the Killadelfia Jinxers are closer to extinction than the H.K.S. Harlequins and the Shamutanti Hills Swordz have secured sponsorship through Spores ‘Shroom Brewery that’ll additionally secure an absolutely twisted off their tits crowd at the Verminstink Stadium.

The Pioneers will be challenging as “Wurlitzer” Czechkowski classifies them “a flippin’ bunch of idiots” in the Kislev  next round for what they’re optimistic could be the franchise’s second “W” chalked up. Breaking news: There’s word that the Schoffenheim ‘Smiths (Dwarves) are trying to contest the “Next” of the Shamutani Hills Swordz by saying they’ll be more entertaining as Ludwig Penzoldt has keys to a Deathroller in his possession.  Until next time, tune in for the exclusive wrap up of the St. Mahlbuerne Pioneers game against the Slaan Seers even though they’re not the Frogs and thank you for checking out the Files…



hoi polloi of hooligans


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