The Art of Norse Pt.1

Before we start a few things need to be cleared up. First this is about bashing the other team into submission, and you will not be a very popular coach for playing norse like this, if you want to win and be popular play wood elves. Second this is purely my opinion on norse and I’m sure plenty of people will disagree with me. With that out of the way lets get started.

The roster.

Norse lineman 0-16 6/3/3/7  G access on normals A/S/P access on doubles, starting skill block. Recommended skill ups dirty player, kick, tackle, fend, dauntless. Double rolls guard, dodge, sneaky git. Stat ups plus movement and plus armor value are meh and if you roll doubles guard is better. Plus agility is good you can make him into a ball hawk. Plus strength is great get him tackle asap.

The first skill I take on the first lineman to level barring stats or doubles is dirty player, to be successful with norse you really need to be fouling and dirty player will help with that. If your dirty player levels up and doesn’t roll doubles give him kick. After your dirty player i recommend giving everyone else tackle as the first skill and then giving them dauntless, after tackle and dauntless fend is helpful for repositioning and not getting piled on. If you roll doubles it should always be guard I have given guard on a lineman who took dirty player as his first skill. After guard dodge helps a lot with keeping I’m alive and letting him reposition. If you roll doubles on a dirty player you can give him sneaky git.

Norse Bezerker 0-2 6/3/3/7 GS access on normals A/P access on doubles, starting skills block, jump up, and frenzy. Recommended skill ups mighty blow, guard, pile on, tackle. Doubles dodge, side step if you get plus agility leap. Stat ups plus movement is decent but id take a normal roll or dodge same with armor value, agility is great and you can really build him a lot of different ways if you roll doubles. I recommend leap (on paper anyway), strength is awesome I recommend giving him mighty blow and then guard if its his first skill up. You have to decide if you want these to be your killers or your guarders either will work fine, I have both. If your going the killer route you want to go mighty blow, piling on, tackle, guard. If your going the guarder route you want to go mighty blow, guard, tackle. If you build these guys as killers make your ulfs be guarders and vice versa. If you noticed I said to put guard on the pombers thats because norse need as much guard as possible.

Norse Ulfwereners 0-2 6/4/2/8 GS access on normals A/P access on doubles, starting skills frenzy. Recommended skill ups block, mighty blow, piling on, guard. Doubles skills dodge, jump up, side step. Stat ups plus movement and plus av I don’t recommend and you should stay on the single roll path until they get block, mighty blow, and piling on or guard. Plus agi is not at all worth it. Plus strength is great and the only thing I would give a ulf before those first 3 skills. Again if you built your bezerkers as killers build these guys as guarders with mighty blow/block as the first skill I recommend mighty blow but if you can’t play without block that works to. The second skill should be whichever skill you didn’t take as the first skill. After that guard and then tackle or if you roll doubles dodge. If you built your bezerkers as guarders build these guys with mighty blow/block then whichever you didn’t take as the first skill after that pile on, tackle, and then guard or if you roll doubles jump up or dodge both are fine.

So this isn’t over a thousand words I will finish the rosters in the next episode.




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