The Battle of the nation

Season 13 has kicked off, with the first weeks games getting played at such high level of coaching.  Back at Magrita things were different.  Beerz sat in his tent unable to move.  Ullow walked in to the tent.  Hey coach you in here?  He looked over to the old table and saw Beerz sitting there with his head resting on his hands.  What troubles you, Ullow asked with a puzzled look on his face.  I have the schedule for the season Ullow, it’s going to be another tough season but to make the season that much harder we open up against are good friends the POWER HOUR.  I’m lost at how to go about coaching this game.   We’ve shared ideas, plans and even players over the last 7 seasons but this week all that doesn’t matter.  Ullow walked over to the coach rested his big claws on his shoulders and as Beerz started to relax he started to shack him like straw being spread over the stalls.  Toughen up you gimp, this is blood bowl.  Were going to do what we always do and go out there and put on a show.  Their going to hit us and were going to hit them that’s the game and at the end of the day nothing will change.  Ullow was right and Beerz stood up a little shaky from being shock.   Your right my old friend the time has come that deep down i knew it would that the great Power Hour and the Misfits were going to one day square off on the pitch.  We will meet them on the LOS with are heads held high, are armor shinning in the sunshine and were going to play the game we all love.   At the end no matter the score or damage well shack hands after and the Chaos Nation will still be strong as it was before the match.   Go and gather the boys we have little time to get ready.  Ullow smiled at Beerz his big claw hands at his side.   That’s the coach I know, but where are you going?  Im going to the crystal ball room to look over some old films and see how I can force More Shots to “dumb sh*t”  Beerz said as a massive smile came over his face.   Go now Ullow its time the nation puts on a show for all the MML to see!

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