The Belchers

Here we go again thought Olga Ironbra landlady at the Black Rock Inn she looked over to a rowdy and very drunk bunch of young dwarfs, as she made her way over with yet another tray of Bugmans xxxxxx the dwarfs yelled at the cabalvision that was showing that seasons MML championship game an all Elf affair that meant the inn regulars were even more animated than usual “look, look I mean just look that ones checking if he’s laddered his tights!” Cue raucous laughter. As Olga reached the table yoing Thhk stood up wobbled and nearly knocked the tray right of her hands, she responded with a quick clout to his lug hole “sit down dopey” his mates laughed at him “and you lot can shut up!” The dwarfs sniggered bht quitened down none the less, Olga wasnt to be messed with she could drink any dwarf under the table and spit twice as far.

“Every season you sit round thing telling them how there going wrong, if your so clever why don’t you put your money where your mouth is” Aragan a stocky piped up “we would but we aint got no kit” the rest agreed “yer no kit or we would” Olga laughed “tell yer what i’ll get yer some kit” the dwarfs looked at each other ” erm no where to play ave we or we would” Olga wasn’t letting them off the hook “you can play at three rock quarry Worlds Edge Wanderers playes there once after the NAF collapsed just needs tidying up a bit” the drunk dwarfs looked at each other but Olga weren’t waiting for another excuse ” Right thats sorted ive got a leaflet somewhere the MML are lookinv for more Farm teams” Olga walked back to the bar that to shut em up she thought.

Aragan stood up with his ale raised in the air ” Three cheers for the Black Rock…” just then he let out a giant burp “The Black Rock Belchers, we’ll show that MML lot”

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