The birth of the Nocturnal Beasts

It took a while, but finally Samui was able to step on the pitch inside the newly build stadium. “The Bone Yard”, future home of The Nocturnal Beasts. “It looks beautiful”, she thought. The workers were installing last elements of the stands as she looked around. Her players would come in a second to get a first look at the green. The Coach closed her eyes and took a deep breath. It was a new, big task she had. From managing and being in the background to being in the front row and actually coaching a team. Did she plan everything right? Did she calculate good enough? She thought back to her time of travel. The travel through the world to find her players.


It was easy to find a bunch of nameless undead. Some Zombies she hired to be the next stars. But Samui knew for a Zombie it was fairly difficult to be a star at any time. And in her team, it would not be any different. The Zombies were the players to annoy the opponent, but of course she promised them a big role in the team to make them follow her. Some magic from a hired necromancer did obviously help to convince the bunch of deceased bodies.


But Zombies alone would not make a team. That was the reason why Samui travelled to Sylvania to find herself some werewolves. The first names on the list were not good enough. Samui had some knowledge in hiring players and so she knew to not pick the first name on the list. After some days of search, she finally found a wolf worth the time. His name: Caleb Darkclaw. In fact, Samui did not find Caleb at any try out or any team, no, she found him sitting in a bar one night. While Samui enjoyed some wine and went through some lists of names, Caleb was sitting at the bar itself drinking beer. The next thing Samui knew was a massive fight in which Caleb beat up a bunch of Humans who were drunk. But it seemed like the wolf was not satisfied with it. His fur was dark red as he dug his claw deep into the chest of one of the humans to give him the final blow. Samui stood up and walked slowly to the wolf. “Impressive. You alone destroyed all of them”, she said. “And you are interested in this why?”, he replied. “Because you may want a challenge? What would you say if I give you the opportunity to beat up guys regularly, legal and with people cheering on you for doing it? People bigger, stronger and, most of the time, not drunk like these losers?” Caleb grabbed his mug, pouring down his beer and then replied. “Sounds interesting. But what place would that be?” Samui had a smile on her face. “A Blood Bowl pitch”, she said.


The second werewolf for her team was a different story. Rahoul le Noir, a member of the famous le Noir family, residing in the city of Carcassonne in the Bretonian Empire. The family was known for trading with goods and being very rich. But the youngest son of the family, Rahoul, was not really interested in the family’s business. His interest was sports. To name it more specific, he was a massive Blood Bowl fan but he was disgusted by the arrogance Bretonian teams had. He trained every day to become a player himself, not noticed by his family, because they would never allow it. One day the wolf saw a letter pinned at the town’s hall. It was an advertisement for a try out. A Coach by the name of Samui looked for players to play in a necromantic team. Maybe this was his chance? Willing to give up his family and his fortune, Rahoul went to the place the try out was supposed to happen. He gave his best at every challenge and he made it to the final candidates. It were three werewolves with him, standing in a line and waiting for their tasks. Next, Samui walked in front of them, together with a werewolf. “This is Caleb Darkclaw. He is from Sylvania and joined our team some days ago. He will help me choosing one of you for the second werewolf position. Anyone who has problem with that?” One of the wolves growled. “I am not here to be the second. I am a star and that’s how I want to be treated.” The “star” walked away, which left only two wolves to chose from. After a couple of tests and practices, Caleb was sure who he wants to be his partner. “I want you to play with me”, he said, pointing towards Rahoul. The young wolf nodded and gladly signed the contract. His contract to freedom…


The next players Samui looked for were Wights. She heard rumors about a fierce and angry Wight, living in the northern parts of Kislev. When she travelled there, she couldn’t find him at first. People did not like to tell her about him, obviously in fear, which just increased her interest in him. After some days of search and finally some people who spoke to her about him, Samui was sure she needed the Wight on his team. One person told her the name of the now undead: Tzar Rasputin. A few more days of search were needed until she was able to locate his lodge at a frozen lake. Of course, the young Coach wasn’t stupid. She had her Werewolves with her for protection. As she knocked on the door of the lodge, the thick icicles above her shook. “Who’s knocking?”, a angry voice screamed at her. “I am Samui, Coach of the Nocturnal Beasts. I heard of you and your skills and want to sign you as a player for Blood Bowl.” The door slammed open and behind it a grim, tall figure with an ice-cold look and white hair appeared. “My skills? What skills did you hear of, that could be any use for you?” Samui put her hand into one of her pockets and pulled out a piece of paper. She started reading. “A freshly deceased man, formally training bears until one of them bit of his head. A necromancer revived you to keep you in your job, but your anger was so big that you ripped of the head of the bear that killed you, with your own hands. Then you disappeared from the place. Your strength would be one thing we need. We also know you for being agile and you work a lot.” The Wight was impressed by her knowledge as it seems. “You know me very well. My life is over tho. I am no use for you. I want to be alone for the rest of my days.” As the Wight was in the process of closing the door, Samui blocked the door from being shut with her foot. The Wight opened the door, looking angry again and just wanted to shout as the woman started talking. “If your life is over, why not make it final? You can sit here, die alone and no one noticing it. Or, you can die on a Blood Bowl pitch, fighting and taking some souls with you. It’s your decision.” Samui turned around and walked away. She did not know if she hired a player at that moment or if the Wight would stay in his lodge. The answer came days later with a letter… the letter with a signed contract by Wight Tzar Rasputin.


What the teams was missing, was some knowledge and experience. That was the next thing Samui was looking for. She found that in a former player by the name of Salazar. His nickname “The Reaper” sounded promising. But when Samui went to the location he was living at, she found a Wight that was a shadow of a star. “Are you Salazar?”, she asked. The Wight just looked at her and walked past her, as he went to a cauldron. “The Reaper? Taker of souls on the Blood Bowl pitch? Former Star of many undead teams?” The Wight looked at her. “I WAS all of that. The Reaper is dead. Injuries killed him. I am Salazar, the rookie. The one who wants to restart his carrier.” Samui scratched her head. “But you have the same body and the same brain of the reaper, don’t you?” The Wight swallowed a spoon full of liquid he poured out of the cauldron. “Needs more rat claw rasp”, he whispered before he looked at Samui again. “Yes, I have the injured body and the brain of him. But I am a rookie. This potion I am brewing I drink for some month now. It gives my body the strength back it had before I started to play Blood Bowl the first time. I keep my knowledge, but I lose my strength and abilities.” Samui took a moment to think about it. “Would you like to join our team? I have a contract to sign for you with me. We could need an experienced player like you to lead us.” The Wight took another sip. “It’s perfect.”, he said then looked at Samui once more. “You do pay, right?”


The last thing Samui needed were big guys to give her team some strength. She figured it would take two Flesh Golems to fill that spot. The first one she found in Gregor Onkh, a Deathtube star. The Flesh Golem never played Blood Bowl, but he was a huge internet sensation. And to have a guy filling the stadium wouldn’t be bad, would it? Also, he recently said in a few of his videos, he wanted to try out something new, thrilling and interesting. With the Hashtag #TimeForAChallenge, he finished his message on Tweerper. As Samui approached his house located in the southern parts of the empire, the young Coach was welcomed by a slave. The house itself was quite big, Samui had a feeling to hire Onkh it would take more than just a few gold pieces. When the slave opened the door and went upstairs to get Gregor Onkh down, Samui had the chance to look at the pictures decorating the walls. They were all of the Flesh Golem himself. And each had its own Hashtag. After a few minutes the Flesh Golem came down. He was wearing very standing out glasses and clothing no normal human would wear. “What can Gregor Onkh do for you? #Helper” Samui was a bit uncomfortable in her position. “Uhm… You said you are looking for a new challenge. I got one for you. My team, the Nocturnal Beasts, a Blood Bowl team, is looking for a Flesh Golem to join them. That would be the perfect challenge for you!” But Gregor wasn’t really impressed. “Blood Bowl? That’s dirty. I don’t like to be dirty. #CleanIsGood”, he replied. Samui thought for a second. “But you would find many new fans… and you would earn yourself some gold?” She tried to convince him and by the word gold Gregor was more interested. “Gold? I always need gold. My payment would be 100.000 gold pieces per game.” Samui swallowed. “How much?”, she asked in disbelieve. “100.000 or I won’t do a single step on the pitch.” Samui swallowed again. That was too much but than again she was losing the time to search for more players. She needed him to play for the team or they may would not have enough players. “Ok… 100.000 gold pieces. You are on!” Gregor Onkh smiled. “Perfect. #Nocturnal4Life.”


The second Flesh Golem and last player for her team Samui found at a Flesh Golem building house. She had not really much money left, so she had to find a cheap costume Flesh Golem. As she entered the building, she saw many Flesh Golems on the left and right standing their like puppets in a store. “Hello and welcome to “Flesh for you”, how can I serve you?” a friendly assistant asked. “Well, I am looking for a Flesh Golem for my Blood Bowl team.” The assistant smiled. “Ah, you came to right place. We have Flesh Golems in all shapes and sizes. This one for example. He is huge, massive and hard to move. A perfect Blood Bowl player. Costs only 300.000 Gold pieces.” Samui shook the head. “Do you have… uhm… something cheaper maybe?” The assistant lost his smile and walked with her to the next Flesh Golem. “This one is a bit shorter, but still strong. Costs 250.000 gold pieces” Again Samui shook her head. “Cheaper?”, the assistant asked and Samui nodded. She was embarrassed already. “We have this one. Not really strong, but for your price perfect. 100.000 gold pieces.” Samui thought a second and calculated. She still needed money for the travel to the away games and all. The maximum she could spent were 60.000. “I don’t think I can afford him. What is the cheapest you got?” The assistant thought for a short while, taking Samui to the “scrap-area”. “Well… we got him. He was built from parts of guys called Michael, Oliver, Richard and Thomas, all died drowning. That’s why his brain does not work really well. His name is M.O.R.T., but we don’t hand out any guarantee for… something like this.” Samui looked at the Flesh Golem as he tried to walk though a door but bouncing his head on the top frame of the door over and over again. He sure is stupid. “How much?”, she asked. The assistant scratched his head. “Well… he was supposed to be scrapped, so I just charge you the body worth. 60.000 gold pieces and he is your problem.” What a coincidence…

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