The Bone Idle Rotters

After several years being an understudy the novice necromancer decided that he needed to try something new but he didn’t know what. Packing his belongings he headed to his favourite haunt the graveyard with his two pets he began to scour the new graves and the not so new. Fetch was very good at digging up recently buried bodies but had a horrible habit of having a nibble before letting his master know, whereas Seekhim spent most of his time chasing his own tail.
After a month or so he had animated two burly flesh golems Big Frank and another named Bob along with half a dozen or so rotting cadavers that really did anything let alone what he wanted them to do.
One night whilst doing his rounds of new graves he stumbled upon a ghoul devouring the still warm remains of an unfortunate player from the local blood bowl team. As Fetch darted forward the ghoul ripped the head from the corpse and began to retreat behind some tomb stones. To his astonishment the gaggle of rotters seemed motivated and began to fan out in to a shambling line whilst the other wolf stopped entertaining himself and encircled the ghoul without any words of command.
The ghoul sensed he was about to be torn apart threw the severed head directly at the necromancer, who could not catch for toffee allowing it to sail over his head.

With a blinding flash of inspiration he knew what he needed to do. Commanding his pets to return he used all his powers to persuade the ghoul to come and join his little cohort of misfits promising him that he would never go hungry.
Formulating a trading schedule for his fledgling team he left them with Frank in charge and set off to find a bit of backbone for the the newly formed team.

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