The Cocktail Crew is “ready”

Below we can read our somewhat “interesting” interview with the coach of The Cocktail Crew, Mr. Ballie Ballerson.

Interviewer: So where did the idea came that your team should compete in the MML Reborn league?
Ballie Ballerson: Wait this is not a drinking competition?

(At this point some of the questions were answered by us because the coach’s attentionspan is pretty short)

I: No, this is the famous MML Blood Bowl league and you’ve already filled out your application form.
BB: Oh well…are there going to be some ale? This a Bloodweiser sponsored event isn’t it?

I: Ummm…yeah. But this is a sport event primarly. You are able to field 11 players, right? Everyone’s healthy?
BB: 11 healthy sturdy dwarf, my friend. Healthy? Well if by healthy you know mean they have sober moments, than sure they are very healthy.

I: Do you have any secret weapons? Threats? Can you tell us a bit about the dynamic duo, JägerBomb and Kamikaze?
BB: Look at them they are still stadning are they not? Sometimes, I don’t even know how they are doing it. I’m almost 100% sure they are not brothers, and still it seems like they’ve been together since forever… (We are sure coach wanted to say something else as well, but somebody handed him a full pint and he downed it)

I: How’bout Cuban Zombie and Long Island Ice Tea? Are they here? How do you tell them what to do?
BB: If you want to have a long and happy life, you just don’t tell those 2 anything. You just let them be and they might do something similar you had in mind. Of course they are here, I think the last time I saw them they were beating up some Halflings outside. One of the Halflings I think took too long to order and Cuban Zombie got bored.
(We saw the scene after the interview. There were 8 halflings lying on the grounf motionless, 2 were able to stand and 1 Halfling unaccounted for)

I: How long the team has been practising together?
BB: Listen, these guys don’t even know what Blood Bowl is. Sometimes I don’t even know what’s happening. If my guys will concentrate more on the ball than bloodying the other team, I’m going to be happy.

I: It seems to me Coach, you and your team are ready as you’ll ever will be. Considering, you wanted to enter a drinking competition. I wish you to the best of luck.
BB: Cheers mate! You are staying for a pint, are you not? (Disclaimer: when 11 dwarves stares at you, waiting for your response you don’t say “NO”) By the way, you don’t happen to have a playbook or rulebook with you?

Our interviewer survived the encounter with The Cocktail Crew. We wish the team the best of luck in the league and hopefull everyone will survive (in the opposing team).

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