The Delta Force

Coach Hez relaxed in his chair.  Another season has come and gone.  He thought to himself the highs and lows of the past seasons he has had in the MML.  Lizardmen, a very weak Chaos team, Necromantic, experimenting with hallucinogenics and spending a lot of time with rotters in a slime spa, and back to necromantic.  His team was tired and broken, and he knew they needed to retire, but was it his time to?  He quietly reflected on his upcoming announcement to retire, and dozed to sleep in his chair.

He awoke feeling refreshed and renewed, ready to prepare his press conference and find that chair on the beach with his name on it. When there was a knock at his door.


“Enter!” He said loudly

A small bearded dwarf walked in. “We need you.” He exclaimed.

“Need me for what”

“To coach us!”

“I don’t coach anymore, dwarf, What’s your name?”

“You wouldn’t be able to pronounce my real name” The short one said “ Just call me Walker”

“Walker? As in Texas Ranger” Hez laughed loudly

“YES! I knew you were the one!” The dwarf exclaimed happily. “I represent the Delta Force, We are a group of dwarves who have discovered an old god from the old world named Chuck Norris, we found a “VHS” player with plastic visions of all his exploits and have dedicated our life to honoring him. Going so far as to rename ourselves after his various avatars! You know of Walker, the Texas Ranger.  You must worship Chuck Norris as we do, I knew it! I have been searching for you for a long time. We wish to bring our message to the coaches of the MML! You shall be our prophet and coach, you must!”


Well…….this could be fun, Hez thought to himself.


“Alright, where are the rest of you.”

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