The end of era

Ladies and gentleman just to let you now this is a sad story, and no happy ending.
Last weekend our owner decided to change our beer sponsor from our beloved “hairychin stout” to …, sorry I just have difficulty even pronouncing the name, “Green leaf deluxe ale”. As was to be expected the other players and myself did not like this development and we did wat we do best, as a result the stadium of our beloved team has a bit of a renovation going on. Again, we would like to extend our apologies to our fans who are currently still looking for a few misplaced limbs, the team and I would like to suggest you have a close look at the trophy room and the green leaf brewery. The result of these complications made it impossible for us to continue. And hereby the entire team has apparently “lost” their contract and has decided not to show up for the next season.

Your captain.

This was the last thing we heard of the captain Tobi Jr of the revang of the dwarfs before his head was found, apparently a troll was found playing a kick game with it. During the team investigation the troll said he found the head amongst the training balls. The management has decided to disband the revange of the dwarfs and continue with the new direction they started. In the same statement the announced the new team that currently is already redeveloping the stadium and player are already training. TREEDOGS the new players were already seen drinking the lovely deluxe ale. Apparently, management has decided to keep coach Royke as he seemed to be doing a good job (it has to be mentioned that to this reporter it looked like the new axe he was wielding had some remarkable hairs and blood an them, and when asked he shouted FAKE NEWS). The coach also announced that no expenses were spared by the new sponsor to deliver a top team. Each of them apparently climbed up the corporate ladder by backstabbing and assassinating their opponents (what else would you expect of an elf) so the sponsor saw excellent players in them. We will see what the team wil do in the next season, is corporate live as easy as running down the field or will they see their memo’s going places where nobody wants to go (it’s a dark tunnel people trust me I’ve seen one up close).

Well that’s it for today people see you next season

Rotton eye chapstick

The blood bowl bulldog

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