The final Thorne …

Coach Dmdouble0 sat in his office waiting for the MML to finalize season 10. It had been a rough week. Though Mistress’ diagnosis had been finalized, it wouldn’t feel final until the MML closed out all the proceedings. A clip clip clip came from the locker room halls. It sounded like a small hoofed 2 legged centaur. As a familiar female voice said “Hello Dmdouble0,” he was flooded with chills of sorrow. At first he didn’t notice the gilded metal brace she wore on her left arm. He didn’t see the golden sling that adorned her right.

He had never seen Mistress so attired. “Since the last incident there’s been some changes in the front office,” she smiled. “The most recent is the appointing a liaison between the MML and G’ulf Coast Sports.” A smile beamed across her face. Her voice became slightly somber as she glanced down at the sling. “I’d rather be out there on the pitch. I think I’m going to like this though.” She dropped a newspaper and envelope on my desk.

The newspaper was opened to an article

Arachnia & Chaotica share a Maniacal laugh over the morning papers whilst discussing the news of her new job.

She was smiling her approval as I looked up from the article. My attention went to the opened envelope addressed to me. I cut my eyes back up at her. She smirked, “It’s good to be the Liaison.” I let out a chuckle as my attention returned to the envelope. The chuckle caught in my throat as I saw who it was from, Coach Sturm Jarl. My head snapped back to Mistress who was beaming the most beautiful broadest smile I had ever seen. I tore open the envelope like a kid at Christmas. My eyes darted back and forth across the page. My face went from anticipation, to joy, and finally to celebration. We beamed smiles at each other. “You made this happen,” I asked? “I do what I can,” she smiled back. The letter read …

I would love to see either of those players on the LongTHORNS. But I would only do a farm to Pro/CL transfer. But fear not. I hardly ever play that team and those players will be waiting for you in Season 12

We had scouted him before season 10. If we had made the playoffs we would have approached SturmJarl then. If not for Mistress’ injury we might sign him now. The first line of business was replacing Mistress’ invaluable talents. And Arachnia, Queen Arachnia, would do that in spades. Thorne Munchaussen though …

was an elven freak of nature. Coach Sturmjarl had just given us a verbal that Thorne was coming home for season 12. Mistress and I shared 2 quite wicked smiles.

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