The Goblin Gambling Journals: Chapter 11 Hand Delivered to Highden Stills

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Previously in the Goblin Gambling Journals: More_Shots delivered converted Warpstone Troll Big Mo to the Goblin Gambling Underworld Warp-stone League.  Shots was grabbed and taken to Leno-Lumin, apparently a high-ranking member of GG and most likely insane.  Thru conversations with Leno and the dismembered head of Snicker-Clip it was communicated that GG wanted the elves of the MML and other leagues.  Shots was taken from the underworld and received instructions from a half wit Skaven guard named Scraggle.  Straggle gave vague direction to a place called Highden Stills.  He also, mentions a place called Dead Rat Forest. Scraggle instructed to avoid the forest due to what he called “Evil trees and death things there. More_Shots goes into the forest to avoid a storm.  He gets chased by mysterious skaven in the forest and follows a leaping beastman to a pool with a large Treeman.  Shots is grabbed by the Treeman and drowned in the pool of water.  His soul leaves his body and sinks into The pool ‘The Devil’s Bath’ where he sees his dead former players who force him out of the pool and back into his body.  In the process of that they knocked out the coach and the Treeman that was holding him.

The massive Treemans hand was wrapped around his body again.  This time it wasn’t crushing or even tight.  This time the grip was careful or almost soft.  But, the his thunderous steps bounded the ground with purpose thru the darkness that the forest canopy puts on this place.

Krunch (as his foot smashes into the undergrowth) *Skaven can be heard in the distance*

The Treemans foot sinks into the ground as he slowly lifts his other leg for his next step.  This “Rooted One” seems to move slower than any creature I’ve ever encountered.

Crash (his other foot lands) *Skaven sounds grow closer*

The Treemans pace picks up a slight bit.  But, it still moves at a lumbering pace.  His hand gripped tighter with his increased speed.

Krunch (Foot goes down and Skaven sound very near)

A few strand of light can be seen hitting the the treemans foot and it sinks thru the fallen leaves and into the soil.  The forest edge must be getting closer.


The Skaven pack has caught up and their claws swipe at the Treemans feet and a hand grips on More_Shots leg and tries to pull him free.  The Treemans grip intensifies as he swings his free hand back at the pursuing Skaven.


The Skaven rip at the tough bark of the Treeman.  The light increases with each step.  The Treeman raised More_Shots overhead safe from  the Skaven.


The forest’s edge opens up to a small town sticking up from a short protective wall.  The Rooted One draws back his arm and flings More_Shots toward that town.  He lands short of the walls but, clear of the skaven.



The Skaven begin to skatter from the Treeman.

With A deep guttural roar the Treeman rampages back into the Dead Rat Forest.  Skaven screams and screeches can be herd from deep in the woods as the Alpha predator hunted down his prey.

Tiny voices can be heard behind the town walls and small faces pear over with curious looks.

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