The Goblin Gambling Journals: Chapter 4 You CAN’T Hide!

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Dear SOL,

You are no longer a secret.  The gobbo spies have followed your movements and Identified your names and teams.  We know your organization and have been tracking your plans.  You are again 8 members strong… having accepted your fallen one back into the fold.  You can no longer continue to operate in the safety of your hidden little home.

The gobbos are very effective little busy bodies.  They have intercepted many of your messages.  Everything from your eyepet love notes right up to your secret stashes of transfer players from long past teams.  I’ve made hints in front of some of your more senior members of your order and they have played dumb.  Goblin Gambling calls for your loyalty.  They only will ask once.  You have infiltrated many areas and that has not gone unnoticed.  All you have to do is turn way from you non-racial loyal members and give your loyalty to GG.  If you do this your secrets will remain safe.  You teams will remain safe.  Your lives will remain safe.  You have 2 weeks to comply.  If you don’t… first, I will expose your secrets.  If you still don’t submit to GG, I will then call down the hunt upon you in both the PROs and CL.  Then, just for wasting my time and GGs time you still be relieved of the most precious things you have left.  The choice is yours.  You strong six can turn from your 2 interlopers and join in something more powerful than you can imagine.  Or you can simple stand as 8 till you are 1 by 1 tracked down and removed.  You have 2 weeks.


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  1. What on earth?! GG infiltrated the secret order that is so secret it doesn’t exist?! Impossible!

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