The Goblin Gambling Journals: Chapter 7 Scatter Brained Scraggle

I was dumped hard on the gravel ground outside of the Underworld caves.  I struggled for a bit to get the rat hair covered bag off of my head.  My itchy face prison removed, I gasped for fresh air but only found a mouth of skaven fur.  I looked up to see a scrawny looking skaven with green fangs and clawed hands.

Then he spoke to me, “Scraggle told to tell human thing where Highden.  So, Scraggle now tell you.”

I waited for more words to come out.  But, he just blankly looked at me.  Almost as if he expected me to tell him something.  So, I decided to speak in hopes of speeding the process along.

“Highden you say?” I questioned, “Where is this Highden you speak of?”

His head cocked to the side as if his brain need to rest to one side for it to process the words… then he repeated, “Scraggle told to tell human thing where Highden.”  He pointed off into the distance.  “That way to Dead Rat Forest.”

He stalled again… I started to get the feeling that this was a common problem with this Scraggle character.

A nudged, “Should I go to this Forest?  Is the Highden Stills inside the forest?”

“NO!!! CAN’T Go in forest.  Evil trees and death things there.  Many Many Linerats.  Dead friends of mine but they clear zombie rats.  Forest is great trap!  Forest dead rats!  Forest is no stills.” Scraggles babbling fell short and the blank eyes returned.

“So, no forest… Is it past the forest?  are the stills past the forest?”

Scraggle shakes his head yes.

Feeling is if I have cracked the code I decide to keep my questions yes and no and save him the effort of speech or actual thinking.

“So, I need to go around the forest and then someplace on the other side I’ll find Highden Stills?”

Again the the Skaven head shook yes.

“I’m going to go that way.” I point in the direction he pointed. “I will find a forest that I don’t go in… I go around it and on the other side I find Highden and that is where the elves had last been seen?”

Head shakes yes.

“Is that all you need to tell me?”


“It was an experience talking with you scraggle.  Here’s your rat bag back.  I best be get on my way.”

I hand him the fur covered bag that was not long ago covering my head and begin to walk off into the distance.  I can hear the rumbles of a far away storm.  I hope that it is heading some other direction… but, know that my luck has other plans.  I begin picking the skaven hair from my face and mouth as if walk toward the darkening horizon.




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