The Goblin Gambling Journals: Chapter 8 Dead Rat Forest

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Distant thunder keeps my mind from sinking to deeply into thought as I walked toward some unknown location.  The world looks grey ahead and black behind.  A gentle breeze blows thru my hair as my mind collects it thoughts over all that has transpired. Part of me starts to think Scraggle doesn’t even know the directions and was just sending off someplace random.  Another part of me worries that he actually might know what he’s talking about and that I will find the places he spoke of exactly how he says.  A rumble of thunder temporarily distracts me.  It was still a ways off but slowly was gaining on me.  It felt like being stalked by a hunter.  As I reached the top of a rolling hill I could see back to the rocky area that hid the underworlds back entrance.  At this distance a person would never think to look there for a secret lair.  The omnise clouds now hung over the Underworld.  Layers of rock protected them from the abusive weather.

I start my way down the hill and my thoughts drift back to Orcatraz and my time in the East.  I know now that Goblin Gambling put things in motion that landed me in prison… but, if I was honest with myself I would have most likely ended up there without their help someday.  Just would have been a much slower burn at life before a lit the wrong fuse.  But, the likes of Morg’lil and Kron Flex kept me alive… we’ll Morg’lil did.  Morg’lil got me out of general population before the Titans game.  Keep me safe more that once.  He only asked one thing of me… When I got out he needed one thing done and then he would consider my debt to him paid.  But, nobody could know these things till they had been done.

Lightning flashes out of the dark clouds and the corner of my eye catches a glimpse of it as I crest the next hill.  Lightning wasn’t a good sign. One, Two, Three… I mean I had been a screw up most of my life.  But, I got myself in way to deep this time.  It was like every time I turned around there was some goblin punching my in the crotch and telling me to do his bidding.  Goblin Gambling had me on a leash like a dog and now they put me on the trail of elves.  Not even sure why they want elves.  I mean it sounds like that have tons of teams and leagues already. Fifteen, Sixteen, Seventee… The thunder catches up and reminds me of the slow hulk of nature following me.

The breeze grows forceful and no longer flows without effort around me.  Short gust slap into my back like small hands nudging forward.  I the smell of rain was in the air.  I crest the top of the next hill and can see trees top sticking over the next hill top.  Far past the treeline i see a ribbon of white smoke reaching up into the grey sky.  Where there’s smoke there’s is fire and fire might be Highden.  I adjust my direction and I pick up the pace down the hill and power up the other side with increased effort.

I stand on the hill top between the last crest and the forest’s edge.  The wind goes still as I look to the forest and see nothing special.  No movement and animals.  Just heavy dark trees with vines hanging down and thick moss on the trunks.  I mutter to myself “Dead Rat Forest… Ha, crazy rat can’t even finish a sentence.  Scraggle’s childlike brain is probably afraid of the dark.”  I walk off the hilltop and to the forest’s edge.  I disappear into the dark woods as the storm reaches the forest edge.

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