The Great Escape

As the final whistle rang out and The Plague Ridden Cowboys Fans celebrated there first pro win in the MML, the Sinister 7 where already ushering out a mysterious figure out of the stadium. A passer by said it looked like Uncle Jessie but it cannot be he’s dead isn’t he?

Rumours are circulating his death was all a rouse and the Apothecary was actually Coach Proudstar who had told the Grunts Coach that Uncle Jessie couldn’t be saved. Rumour has it that Uncle Jessie wanted out of the Grunts and knew the only way that was going to happen was over his own dead body. He reached out in desperation to the Sinister Seven in the hope that they could save him. With the help of the Cowboys they staged his death so after the game they could get him free of the Corrupt Commissioner.

Daniel Kaffee one of the Sinister Seven representatives made a short statement what read as follows. Yes it is true that Uncle Jessie is safe and alive and is under the protection of the Sinister Seven. The Sinister Seven would like to apologise for the smoke and mirrors of the charade over the death of Uncle Jessie, but it had to be done to protect the innocent victim in all this Uncle Jessie. Also with claims that the Corrupt Commissioner legal team filing suit over the death of Uncle Jessie, we have Uncle Jessie alive and kicking and his dna to prove it. Just to add also we have our own legal team looking into the many suspicious deaths in the New Orcland Grunts team at the hands of there very own coach including the high profile death of Leeroy Jenkins.
When challenged on Mr Shapirorcs allegations on the Sinister Seven Kaffee replied, we all know that he carnt handle the truth and best to ignore his web of lies and grand standing.
The facts are Uncle Jessie had been beaten and abused by his ex employee and we will be suing them for damages to help Uncle Jessie rebuild his Glittering Blood Bowl career, that is all thank you.

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