The Harryhausens Origins Story.

Good evening MML fans i do hope you’re all well. Today I want to talk about a team that has caught alot of people’s attention and has a big fan following  out there, it is of course The Harryhausens! Some might say Coach Warthog was crazy or stupid for bring this all skeleton team into the league who are now in their second season in the Challenge League. Viewers out the may know they recently recorded their first league victory against the entertaining The Harmin Gobe Trolleys coached by Hairy’s good friend Loulizcsc. That was a very entertaining match for the viewers and the highlight being a 40 yard pass and catch by the skeleton army which led to the games only touchdown.

So, let’s delve a little bit deeper into the history of The Harryhausens.

A long time ago, when I was young and you were even younger The Harryhausens were in fact a human bloodbowl team. The ventured from the lands in the north, past the wall to play the game which they loved to compete in. They weren’t the best team around by any means, didn’t win any major tournaments or leagues but for them it was all about getting on the astrogranite, win, lose or draw and get as drunk as they could afterwards and party all night. They took to the field in their fern green uniforms and black helmets, not the most extravagant of kits but they liked it. They had a loyal following of northerners who travelled religiously to follow their team. The team itself had no major players, very few skilled players but they just loved to get stuck in, throw the ball around, throw some punches and throw up in the bar afterwards. Anyway, how did this ragtag bunch of miscreants become The Harryhausens we know and love today? Well, I was getting to that be patient for Nuffle’s sake!

Some time ago, a major bloodbowl tournament had taken place at the Black Stronghold home to the former pro team Thugz of Wheldrake. Teams of every race competed over three weeks in a series of hard fought matches, the fact that a large cemetery was next to the Stronghold was no coincidence folks! The venue was chosen especially for this reason, well the injury count was high and the death count was higher! It was cheaper to bury them there! The Harryhausens did quite well at the tournament as it happens and won three matches against two halfling teams and an ogre team who for the best part of the match just snacked on snotlings. They were eventually knocked out by the famous dark elf team The Darkside Cowboys 4 touchdowns to nothing. The H boys weren’t bothered though, it gave them more time to enjoy themselves in the bar! That’s when things went horribly wrong for them! They were getting very drunk and rowdy and getting on particularly well with the Cowboys cheerleaders “The Shadows”. In fact, they were getting on “very well” with themy if you know what I mean ! Well the thing is, the girls that were getting to know our boys a little better shall we say just happened to be the girlfriends of Hawthorn Tullaris, Asperon Thorn and Odium Khan! Very popular and influential Cowboys players! As you can imagine this didn’t go down very well with the Dark Elf outfit and Coach Luxembourg Tuentir took exception to this, worrying it would mean his boys couldn’t concentrate on the coming matches and winning the tournament ment him signing a new sponsorship deal with the Imperial Clothiers Guild.

He watched the Harryhausens leave the bar eventually and make their way back to their tents to sleep it off. In the meantime he called on the Cowboys wizard over, ensured they were all asleep then unleashed a huge fireball roasting them all in their sleep! The day after their charred remains were buried at the cemetery at the Black Stronghold, the whole team wiped out at once. The Darkside Cowboys played  the very next day against the Underworld Creepers and lost 3-1. The Creepers resorting to dirty tactics with “Fast Draw” O’Gore seriously injuring three of the Cowboys players! The coach was furious and blamed the loss on his team being unable to concentrate on the game and being exhausted dup to the actions of the Harryhausens the previous night. Again he called upon the team wizard who had mastered the necromantic arts, he wanted to punish the team further. The dark spellcaster spent hours preparing his curse ano under the full moon he unleashed it, raising the charred skeletons of the Harryhausens back to life but trapping them underground for eternity. …….or so he thought.

Well, if you’re a regular readers of the stories on here, you’ll know the rest when Coach Warthog met and became the coach of the now much loved team and if you don’t,  well search for it then!!!

And that folks is how our team came to be. So next time you see these guys on the pitch, give them a little credit, all they want to do is party!!! Welcome to the Bone Age!!!!!

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