The Leviathon Stirs

The Following Letter was found on the Commissioner’s desk at MML HQ:

To Goblin Gambling, but also for all interested parties to read:

“Before Elves, before Dwarfs, before Men, the Old Ones arrived upon this world. Then came Chaos and the Great Plan of the Old Ones was unmade. We are the last of their servants, and only by our hand shall the Great Plan be restored.”

These words we repeat in a ritual, almost as old as the world itself. Do not doubt the tenacity we can display, our longevity and our zeal.

We, an ancient order, who wished to remain secret and in the shadows, still warn you against the path you have taken Goblin-kin. We did not wish for conflict with you. We had no interest in your greed and you petty plans. We did not stand against you or seek to thwart your goals.

We are grateful that you helped us uncover the traitor, coach Wyatt, and you are welcome to the enclave that we allowed him to prepare. Rest assured that on our departure that we ensured all relevant records were destroyed. Wyatt’s eyes will burn and blindness will overtake him for his treachery. He will join the unelightened once more and he shall never again be able to see the light. We cast him out and we cast him down. His arrogance was that he believed he knew all. That he held our secrets. But how could he hope to know all? And now he will be left without our teachings. But did you think we were not prepared? – Did you think we would quietly acquiesce to your demands? You should have heeded our warning. You should not have stood in our path.

We spoke to you of the leviathon. We asked you not arouse him from his sleep. We asked you not to cause our fire to burn and our secrets to be revealed. There is a reason that goblins and their ilk dwell beneath the earth in their dirt holes. You cannot abide the light. Desist now and do not seek it. SOL, in some languages refers to the sun and you cannot hide from the majesty or the all powerful light of the first star.

You love the game of Blood Bowl. This is your preferred arena? – So, let us demonstrate our power. We have influence, in so many places. One such place is Spike Magazine, who amongst so much else, sponsor Dream Wild. Watch as their coach takes a tumble and watch as this is Dream Wild’s last season in the Pro Leagues of your beloved sport. Many times has coach Triperis stood against us, and our kind. See how we shall take from him and bring him into our light and our truth. Pray our gaze is not turned upon you.

Turn back now Goblin-kin. Leave us be and search for your wealth and secrets elsewhere. We are aware there are many more that oppose you. It would be sad were we to have to seek to ally with them. Perhaps they could see the truth? Perhaps they could hold but a glimmer of our fire. The slightest spark can cause a blaze, a veritable conflagration that would consume you, as we foretold.


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