The live of a Revang player

So i Toto lazy-eye looked at this season promoted team ravang of the dwarfs.

This team home base is rockheaven aka “the mountain”. The game (or rather there RELIGON as the call it) of bloodbowl is something they live for in the mines of rockheaven, it’s the only amusement the miner are given. Players are trained starting birth (I swear watching a baby dwarf tackling a boulder is a site i’ll never forget) and they keep training until they are ready.

The first time is saw this transition ritual to become a player for the team was a site to behold. The troll slayer Tobi was dropped in an open field the bal in the centre and then they released four trolls (YESS FOUR). The rockhounds (Supporters of this team) screaming for blood. The trolls rushing towards the centre, Tobi rushing forward he just passes the ball and kills the four trolls. He picks up the ball and scores.That’s how their players are trained, not to score but to hurt,maim an destroy then if there is time left score.

If my eye is as good as it was in the day, this team is going places and their adversaries should be ware, these dwarfs are fast, agile and rock-hard.

Yours truly,

Toto lazy-aye

Blood bowl column writer for the deadbeat chronical


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