The long Journey

Deep in the Great Kokanee Mountians the team is packing up their gear getting ready fort the long trek form the practice grounds the Great Keg to the newly erected Bloodwiser Dome.

The players nervous for their chance at the big league hitch up the last of the carts to big Ol’1313, which they hope to be their secret weapon against some of the more veteran teams.

In the back were the rookies are jammed Hogarden asks The Poet “Who do you hope we get to smash this year?”

The Poet silently makes a sweeping gesture, Hogarden realizes quickly he means to destroy everything.  The rest of the long journey is quiet, a nervous quiet with only the crunch of the earth under the caravans weight.

After what seems life a life time the site of the new stadium pokes up over the horizon. As the team gathers they things to go in they can’t help but be awestruck by how new everything is, their sponsor Bloodwiser spared no expense on this monolith.

In the dressing room the teams uniforms all hung up ready for the first game, freshly poured ale sits on a table and above the teams slogan reads.


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