The Lyonesse Liege Lords: Here to collect!

“Dear Lord Lexington D,

Noble warrior – Honored brother,

It has been brought to my attention that an amalgamation of beasts, thugs and scoundrels have happhazardly thrown together a Blood Bowl league know simply as ´The Farm´. Early reports indicate exessive use of violence, decadence and debauchery, as is common amongs such rabble. However, the reason I have called upon you with this letter concerns a matter far graver then the openly heathen ways of our inferiors: the fact that this ´league´ has yet to pay even a single coin to the Royal Court for it’s protection! I therefore task you with a matter of grate urgency: assemble a team of your most trusted knights and go collect the tithes that are rightfully due!

Forever vigilant,

-King Louen Leoncoeur.

P.s. As steeds are not permitted in Blood Bowl, feel free to also enlist as many peasant as you seem fit to serve as the team´s beasts of burden. 

The Team:

Such an important task requires the skills of some of Bretonnia’s finest athletes and greatest heroes. Meet:

Griff Oberwald IV

Hailing from a long line of Blood Bowl super stars, Griff Oberwald the IV aims to follow in his great-great-grandfather’s footsteps to become the finest athlete humankind has to offer. However, having already surpassed his forefather in age due to lack of access to age-magicians      , Griff Oberwald IV is unfortunately neither as strong nor agile as his great great grandfather. By collecting a vast sum for his Royarch, Griff hopes to receive compensation high enough to hire the services of his family’s mage to lengthen his career considerably, giving him time to reach peak physical form. In the meantime, Griff Oberwald IV will have to make up for his lack of physical superiority with his dauntless bravery while carrying out the will of his lord.

Sir Gudmund the Gray

The captain of the Liege Lords is a man of legend. Bravery, leadership, agility – these are all qualities so deeply engrained in Sir Gudmund´s persona that in many circles pulling of a death defying feat of extraordinary finesse is referred to as simply “going Gray”. Be it dodging around his enemies, passing the ball down field, catching a crucial pass or ralliying the team´s spirits, Sir Gudmund the Gray gives his team what it needs when it needs it.

Duke Dagur the Dauntless

The perfect blend of power and grace, Duke Dagur the Dauntless a.k.a the Stallion, provides the team with the right tool neccesary for any job. A one man team of offensive and defensive prowess, Dagur has been know to throw the ball up in the air mid drive and deliver a ferocious career ending tackle to his oppent only to spring back up, catch his own pass and go in for a touch down.

Lord Louis the Lionheart

As a man who will not take no for an answer young Louis earned his knickname in a very typical Bretonnian manner: he forced every single person on his lands to call him “the Lionheart”. After having mistakenly tried to force an errant knight to respect his self-made title of honour, Louis found himself called upon by his king to earn his stripes on the field!

Magnus the Mangler

An unmatched wrestler, Magnus has been twisting wrists and wrangling necks since he was knee high to a duck. A ferocious blocker, Magnus makes sure that his target goes down even if he has to go down with it!

Evrard the Red

Being the only ginger haired player on the team, Evrard’s fate is already sealed.

Grant the Vigilant

No matter the situation, Grant always makes his prescense felt on the pitch. Even when marked by players twice his size he somehow still manages to deliver assists to his teammated which has proven  monumental to the Liege Lord’s success. When marked by players smaller than him Grant’s 11 successful injuries from 51 blocks have also been quite handy.

Wallender the Wall

Standing at a solid 6´9” Wallender truly is a defensive wall. With 76 successful blocks in only 14 matches, he has proven himself to be one of the Farm’s most successful linebackers.

The Peasants

Having been away from their farms playing with the Liege Lords, the peasants have been unable to pay their tithes. Debts are as follows:

Senile Sam = Owes 31 shillings.

Lucky Loyd = Owes 4 shilllings.

Little James = Owes 18 shillings.

Forrest Gump = Owes 12 shillings.

Dead Dave = Owes 42 shillings.

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