The Madness Consumes



It was the 22nd of May, A day that Coach Hez would not forget. He was standing on the sidelines watching his Lizardmen struggle against the likes of a team that should not exist. Their very creation was an abomination to life itself. He glared across the pitch to see Coach Rand happily and cheerfully fist bumping a rotter. I guess you can coach foul smelling reanimated corpses easily when your own mutation prevents you from smelling anything he thought to himself. It was almost as if Coach Rand himself had cartoon squiggly lines representing his stink coming off of his body.

Two badly hurts, some skinks wrapped up in tentacles, and an inevitable 2-1 loss had Hez not feeling well. He watched as his Lizards were bullied all over the pitch and the goat abomination kept running and clawing and piling on, as if to say….”What can you do about it?” He could not grasp what this raw power even was. Somehow he’s managed to squander his talent and not even make it out of the challenge league. The others of the four horsemen saw success, why not Rand? And then it clicked. Someone unholy had given them their power, their mutations, and their ambitions. Perhaps it was all according to plan and the master of these horsemen had intended for one team to stay behind and terrorize the CL. But who?

Hez had long quested for success in the MML, almost to the point where it consumed him. He watched helplessly on turn 16 as his Krox took a hit, and smacked into the ground with a deafening thud. As the apothecary came over and confirmed what he already knew “He’s dead”, Hez’s decent into madness was complete. He left the stadium and began to search for answers. He began to search for the puppeteer, the one who commands the Four Horsemen.

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