The Masters of the Ring: A Letter

       Dear “Masters”

You were said to be second to none, guardians to a ring of incomparable price, but after recent events, second to one would be more correct. Most guards would be suspicious when a hooded figure offers them unmarked flagons, and the rest would wait to partake until after their shift, but not you masters—oh no—you saw no reason for suspicion. I must say, for masters you certainly cannot hold your liquor, although I’m told liquified Madcaps are especially potent. It didn’t even take fifteen minutes for you to work yourselves into a frenzy and beat each other senseless. The ring truly is quite lovely, though I confess some savor has gone out of the it. It being so easy to steal from such masters as yourself.

Madcaps are a lovely fungus, most widely known for their pregame usage by goblin fanatics. Though madcaps have a variety of other, more alchemistic uses. For example when chilled, and mixed with several drops of bloodletter blood, then ingested by humans, such as yourselves, the mixture produces a potent effect. An effect colloquially referred to as “Frenzy”. It’s symptoms include rage, short-temperedness, a mental refusal to recognize physical injury, and in rare cases wolflike mutations. As you have no doubt noticed, attempting to live in civilized society with these symptoms is….trying, and if you do not wish to be expelled into the Frigid Wastes, you’ll have to find a cure.

 I’m afraid these effects are usually permanent, although there is an antidote. An antidote I just so happen to be willing to provide, should, in return, you do something for me. For each of you masters I administer the antidote to, I demand his body-weight in gold crowns as payment. I know such a fee may tax your finances, and, in my benevolence, I’ve arranged a way for you to acquire the aforementioned payment. Enclosed is a registration form for the Mead and Mayhem Challenge League,  ACE/D&D division.  I’d be quick about joining and earning my gold if I were you, rumor has it there will be a game wide shake up within the next six months.

Now I know you have no experience on the Blood Bowl pitch, having neither played nor watched a game. Having deemed it too uncouth for your refined tastes, but with your newfound abilities it should not be a problem for masters such as yourselves.

Play well! Or more accurately don’t, I’ll be placing my bets against you this season. 


Mr T. Z.

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