The mysterious eleven and thr case of the mystery meat

So the story starts with a gang of mystery loving halfings and there trees. They love to travel the kingdom’s and solve any unsolved problems at hand. There currently mystery is the case of the mystery meat a funky looking meat that seems to cause the crowds at bloodbowl games to go wild and riot more than usual. They have been brought in by the MML to invastage this matter. Frez and the gang have a inkling who the culprate might be. They believe it to be something to do with the Mordheim LifeGuards as they have all the correct Underworldly connections they’d need to apprehend the meat and distribute it.

So after Frez and the gang did some more digging around they found [ insert rezs player name here] with some weird looking meat that he was selling to the vendors at the stadiums. The meat left a pungent smell in the air. But Frez couldn’t see too much of the meat as it was covered up by some old tattered cloth. After following Cody Madison he seemed to just disappear down a alley that was a dead end.

Where could he have gone?

Found out in the next story of the mysterious eleven and the case of the mystery meat.

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