The Nobodys have “BIG FUN” in Gotham City in a 1-1 “Landslide Victory”

As the Coach walks into the conference the media immediately starts questioning him.

Reporter: Coach, how does the team feel about todays game?

Well, pretty much how any team feels after they deliver a win that one sided.  They feel pretty good, I mean they aren’t heartless I am sure they feel for the fans go Gotham as no one likes to see their team lose in their home stadium, but you can’t help feel good on a job well done.”

Reporter: Coach, we noticed the game started off a bit rocky do you have anything to say about that?

So here’s the thing, any time you go on an away game you expect the fans to be one sided.  These guys were down right hostile, I can see why Gotham needs additional security.  The fans just came right on the field and started wailing on whoever they could find first.  We took some hits but I think the home team got the worst of it.  It set us on our heels however and they were able to score pretty quickly in the mayhem.”

Reporter: They guys took care of the opposing teams big man pretty well coach, what did you do to get them prepared for such a task?

Ok, listen I’m going to level with you.  I didn’t do anything.  The guys thought it was one of those blow up fun houses with all the ribbons blowing in the air like one of them used car sales lots.  It was working and I didn’t have the heart to tell them it wasn’t.  I mean if you were out having fun jumping around in a bounce house and someone told you it was a giant minotaur with tentacles, don’t you think it would throw you off your game?

Reporter:  Coach, Tree seemed to be having some issues getting Beans down the field this game, can you give us some information?

Tree was a bit star struck that game, Deeproot was on the field and he was feeling a bit outshined.  He managed to recover before the game was over but it was a close one.

Reporter: We heard that there is an up and comer in the farm system, anything to say?

You must be talking about Theo Thirdlunch, he has been showing a lot of improvement.  He takes a lot of tips from Beans, he is looking to move into that second bullet position that is currently held by Unnamed Halfling #11.  He will be working hard this season to try and get the call up next season to the nobodys.

With that we will see how the Nobodys do next week when they meet with the team of The Wet Bandits.

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