The Oath

When they left the Shadowlands they came here to the MML to hunt down the Druchiis calling them self Blood of Amber and all the other kin of Malekith…

The season hade now come to an end, Ravens won the Bowl game, but was it worth the life of 3 brothers? They hade not managed to get a single game against any of the Druchiis teams, they could only lisen to stories about how Blood of Amber was close to get the MML championship,

All the above and being proud Asurians and Shadow Warriors of Nagarythe there blood was boiling…. And holding the Oath at heart they started the pre seasons training.

Do not long for peace, for there can be none while any druchii still draw breath. Embrace war as the crucible of your valediction, the means to purge this stain upon our people. Swear oaths of vengeance, not to me or your companions or to the uncaring gods, but to fallen mothers and fathers, dead sisters and brothers, slain sons and daughters. Take the darkness that the druchii have created and rob them of its power. You are the blade that will strike down the wicked. You are the shadow warrior, the faceless bringer of justice.


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