The Order of the Holy Squirrel . The Quest for Glory

  The Order of the Holy 

   Quest for Glory  !!


Sat in his newly refurbished office , amongst large piles of tactical plans and plays, nestled squirrels, half eaten food and empty bottles of Tilian Red, Sir Andy Von Cook brooded over the events of this season in the pros.

After a less than stirring start against the Midnight Howlers the Squirrels had taken the fight to their opponents and two grand victories against The Pumpkin Kings and Disco Divas had them on track to have a grand season and their aim to qualify for one of the coveted “Ball Game” matches and earn the Squirrels their first trophy and Glory.

But Nuffle had other plans……..


Slowly staggering to the large window overlooking the town of Parravon , a goblet of wine cupped in his gauntleted hand Sir Andy presses his head against the cool glass and gazed down at the new wall of the stadium .

Gone were the ramshackle walls of wood and brick , now stood solid walls of great stone blocks, carved and built with great skill and care, the stadium was now a worthy home to the Holy Squirrels and their rightful place in the MML pro league. The stadium was lined with grand archways, with marble coffins carved in the likeness of the fallen hero’s of the Holy Squirrels who occupied them. Bruce Ledger and Clotaire de Monfort, two players who gave the ultimate sacrifice to the team and shall be forever remembered in the Wall of Hero’s. To always be with the team even unto death and be forever mourned and celebrated.


Along with the  deaths of two of his players which hung heavy on Sir Andy’s heart , Sir Barry Bossanova the “Meat Grinder” now carried a troublesome injury. He may have the strength of a black orc, but he now was as agile as one. Sir Barry’s scoring days he felt were gone and a time would come to send another great player on his way.


This was source of the Squirrel coaches woes and expensive drinking habit, he stared out the window into nothingness, caught in a drunken day dream. Sir Andy recalled the day before the match against Abomination Nation, short of players and pondering what was to be done came a  knock on his office door and in had strode Griff Oberwald .

Saying he heard the Squirrels were once again in need of his assistance, but unlike the last time when he carried the day, that cocky prick ate a fist from a Nurgle Pestigor and sat half the game out. Yet he still had the gull to ask for his full pay before his team of apothecaries dragged his sorry hide from the stadium after the match.  Cold will be the day in hell before Sir Andy Von Cook would seek that show boaters aid again.


Two games left in the season and if they wanted to keep their dreams alive and earn themselves some glory , both matches will have to be won !

With everyone turning to him for guidance and leadership could he carry the day, could he make the Squirrels worthy of remembrance?

Lost in his melancholy Sir Andy failed to register his office door opening , or the sound of foot steps behind him.


Only when Mr Jingles, his loyal pet red Squirrel hopped up onto his shoulder and nuzzled his cheek did he realize that he was not alone , turning to face the men behind him and greeted with the stoic faces of the whole Holy Squirrels team.

“We shall carry the day my lord ” came the deep determined voice of Sir Barry Bossanova .

“Aye ” they all cried in unison .

“Glory shall be ours my liege and we shall taste sweet glory and pave our legacy in the annuls of time for we are the Holy Order !! ” sang Sir Leopold Longstrider.

“Aye ” came the cry again .

Sir Andy tossed his goblet to one side , a giant grin splitting his face. “It shall be so my men !” slamming his fist into his armoured chest. “We shall obtain great glory and sup from the cup of Victory ! For we are the Holy Squirrels !!!”

” HUZZAR ! ” came the great call back .




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