The Origin of the Sinister 7 (pt.3)

Fresh from their 0-0 draw with Rotten and Rolled coach Stompa decided he was gonna hang on to this Troll for the time being. He felt he had proved his worth in the last game. Game business aside Stompa had other matters to attend to. The messages had been delivered, now to see the response from the coaches in question.
Stompa met with his team on their Orc training ground to let them know he was going away for a couple of days. “Rite boyz, me and Rob iz gonna be goin’ off for a couple of dayz, you gits can look after ya’selves in da meantime. I got sum important stuff to get dun”

Joe Morktana, one of Stompa’s Blitzer’s questioned the Orc coach about why and where he was going. “Wot you doin’ boss and where you goin’, we got some tuff games comin’ up in da Farm”. He said.
“Don’t worry about dat, you is gonna be fine. I’ve got a plan. Dis plan is gonna make us Orc’s da richest Orcs in da league. We gonna be da biggest and da baddest, you’ll see”.
Coach Stompa had arranged for the other 5 coaches called upon to meet him at an old Orc outpost they used many moons ago when invading a human village.
Stompa and Gronkorkski set off on their travels to meet up with the others.
As they neared the outpost Stompa ordered Gronkorkski to wait outside the outpost in the fields, and accompany the coaches to his Boss’ meeting room within the outpost as they arrived.
“Are you sure about dis Boss?, i mean what if dem coaches turn up and try to fight us? We is gonna be big time outnumbered” said a cautious Black Orc. “Don’t worry ’bout nuffin’, dem coaches ‘ave been chosen for a reason. I aint gonna be letting any old coach in here. They been chosen cos i know they want da same as us. Dis is all gonna go just as i planned”.
And with that Stompa set off inside the outpost to patiently wait to greet the forthcoming coaches.
Gronkorkski waited and waited. Wondering if anybody would actually show up. Though he had faith in his boss’ plan, he was worried Stompa may have bitten off more than he could chew with this one. A short while later, he noticed a couple of figures approaching but couldn’t make them out. As they got closer he made out what they were. “Slimy lizards” he thought to himself.
“Which one of you is coach Berzo? asked the Black Orc. “I am Berzo” replied the shorter of the two. “This is Saurus henchman, he’ll be staying by my side”. Said the Lizard Coach.

Story continued in Sinister 6 by Beerz1313

And with the meeting finished with the other 5 coaches Stompa and his Black Orc headed back to their training ground to meet up with the rest of the team.
Stompa called a meeting with his team to inform the of what had transpired. “Rite boyz! Dis is it. We our now members of the Sinister 6”
A confused look was apparent across the whole team. Until one player asked what the Sinister 6 is.
Stompa informed his team of his plans and told them who the other members were. He also got them up to speed with what had happened on his travels. The team was very excited to hear Stompa’s plans.
Stompa sent his team out to train whilst he caught up with his bunch of goblin spies who had been asked to get intel on the 4 Horseman.
“Well ‘den, wot you gits know about dem Horsemeats? I ‘ope you been gettin’ sum good info for me while i been away”. Said Stompa.
“Well boss, dey is a group of coaches. All coaching dem stinkin’ nurgley teams. Dey is a strong unit, lots of experience”. Stompa didn’t want to take them on head on. He knew he would have to find another way of getting past them. “But, ‘der may be a way of breakin’ dem” sniggered a cunning Grot. “There iz one of dem coaches who doesn’t seem to be on da same path as the others, sumfin’ is different about him” This put a smile on his Bosses face. “I fink i know wot to do next” said the Orc coach in i Sinister manner.

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