The Path To Glory -the pride and folly of Jumbuk the Handsome

Jumbuk the Handsome adjusted his collar and looked around. The cavern was surrounded by a green haze and Jumbuk sighed. Just had to wait for the arrivals now. He took a big breath as he prepared for the speech of his life.
The sound of scuffling came through the entrance as a rag tag crew of rats and goblins piled through.
“ere Jumbuk you didn’t say thered be gobbos here”. Jumbuk ignored the dulcet tones of Chirut the Cunning. He struck a pose on his rock and cleared his throat.
“Right thanks for coming. You either know me already if not directly by reputation as the handsomest and best blood bowl thrower around. Jumbuk the Handsome.” Pausing for dramatic effect he didn’t notice the puzzled looks and indifferent mutterings. “I am here to give you the opportunity of a lifetime. We have been downtrodden and underfoot for too long. It is time to take our rightful place…and I am prepared to lead you to fame beyond your wildest dreams. Join me on a journey to a better place together we will put Undertopia back to the top and crush all other teams. Join Me and I will lead you to…GLORY!” Jumbuk stood to his Full height and waited for the rapturous applause and cheers.
A silence fell…only broken by the random mutterings. “whooo does he think he is?” “I aint playing with no gobbos” “they said there’d be sandwiches”. The lilting tones of Slothstench the Soft broke through “why do we have to crush everyone? why cant we all just get along?” “AH slothstench you are the stupidest troll Ive known…”
“Silence!!” Jumbuk jumped down. “ alright come with me and I’ll see you right I’ve got wyrdstone to burn”. Finally achieving the cheers his heart ached for, the rapturous sounds were replaced in his head by the sound of laughter which echoed from his past…in his mind eyes he could still see the laughing gutter runners surrounding him…too fat too slow…he was better than all of them. He’d show them…soon it would all be his….the first faltering steps on the path to glory had been taken.

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