The Plan

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The Plan

He kept running for hours and he knew they were still after him. Those nasty, little goblin-assassins would not give until they got him. They also had to. There are stories about what Goblin Gambling does with unreliable employees and it seemed like these gobbos did not want to become one of those stories.

Of course, there were Greenskins at the Harrelsons’ compound but LouLiz knew a way into the main building. That secret door in the back, Woody only used for his ‘special night-time deliveries’. When he got to the Woody’s office, it looked like the owner of the championship-winning Wood Elf team was expecting his former coach. ‘I told you they would be trouble, but you would not listen!’, Woody raged at LouLiz. ‘But I have done nothing wrong! Why would they be after me?’ – ‘You are even dumber than I thought you were. Why do you think they paid you tons of money to coach a, sorry to say this, crappy team? They had a lot of gold in this. They bet you would go through with 0-0-7 record and you blew it. You certainly messed with the wrong people, old friend’, Woody said while he was sitting down at his desk, lighting a cigar. ‘We have to get you out of this and I already have a plan.’

‘But how do you even know about all this? I just got here a minute ago and you are telling me you have it all figured out? And you even have a plan to get me out of this?’ LouLiz didn’t know whether he should be angry, he was the only one who did not know what was going on or happy because Woody – once again – had one of his plans. ‘Please, we should not waste any time. You still have a game to play with the Gobe Trollers, right?’ – ‘Yeah and if I don’t show up for that one I might be banned from the MML for life. But Goblin Gambling will surely send their guys over to take care of me. What should I do?’ LouLiz was panicking. Now it was not only his life on the line but his career as a Blood Bowl coach.

‘We need to use all of this to our advantage. You are playing at the Hornets’ Nest, right? That is a fantastic stadium. I have quite some gold from our championship-run left. Let’s put on a show. Those goblins won’t go after you in public. We need to make sure the cameras are covering you the entire time.’ Woody seemed to have an exact plan in mind. He reached into his drawer, got out pen and paper and continued. ‘And here is what’s gonna happen next. Believe me, we will get you out of this.’

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