The Red Eye Mountain tales (Pt.4)

This was it; his target was approaching the site. Stompa quickly went through the plan again, just in case any of the dumb Orcs had forgotten. “On my mark we iz gonna release dem squigs and they iz gonna run down the side of this hill and smash da bus off the side of that cliff” Stompa could see a bus approaching. A black bus with yellow stripes running down the side of it. It read ‘Hergig Hornets’ down the side. Here they come. “Alright Boyz, get ready”, but then, just as Stompa was about to order the release of the Squigs when ……………………………………………………….…..BOOOOOOOOOOOMMMM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stompa looked around at his mob of Boyz with a confused look on his face. Not sure what to think of what he had just witnessed. His initial reaction was that someone had jumped the gun with the order. But they couldn’t have, Stompa didn’t see any Squigs hit the bus. So what had happened? Stompa ordered the cage carrying Orcs to retreat back to camp. If they were seen at the site of the accident then they would most certainly become suspects. The mob of Orcs all marched off in a hurried pace back to the camp as quickly as their brutish legs could carry them. Stompa and a few Grots remained. If he didn’t hit the bus then who did? Stompa needed answers.

Stompa headed towards the crash site. He demanded that his trusty Gobbo’s run off ahead in an attempt to catch the a glimpse of the culprit. As Stompa approached the scene he noticed an old bridge. It would appear that this had been the cause of the accident. Judging by the state of this bridge this could well have been a freak accident. Maybe the Hergig Hornets were in the wrong place at the wrong time? Maybe it was just a bizarre twist of fate? Stompa looked to the sky’s. Asking the Orc gods Gork and Mork if they had intervened here? Stompa waited a few moments for the return of his Goblin scouts. Where were they? Stompa grew impatient; he knew he couldn’t wait around too long without risking being seen. So he retreated back to camp along with the rest of his tribe. The night was setting in back at Stompas Badlands camp. Still perplexed by today’s events he struggled to sleep. Going over different scenarios in his head. Trying to make sense of it all. Eventually he gave up and put it down as an accident. That bridge had seen better days. Maybe today it just gave up?

Stompa spent the next day working out his next play. This was only phase one of his plan. Now he had to try and complete his goal of getting Grimgors team into the league. Stompa decided he would visit Grimgor Ironhide to inform him of the news. Though this was only half of the objective complete it may buy him some time with the impatient Black Orc. But just then a messenger from the MML arrived. “I’m looking for Coach Stompa” he said. He had a sealed envelope addressed to the Orc coach. Stompa snatched it from his grasp and sent him on his way. He decided to postpone his visit to Grimgor momentarily whilst he looked into this. He headed back to his hut and ordered the Ladz not to disturb him.

Once he got inside his hut he looked on the front of the envelope. It read ‘Stompa to the red phone’. This was the general summoning call of Commissioner Preach, head of the MML. What could this be? Why was his presence being requested by Preach? Did this have something to do with the accident? There was only one way to find out, and that was to meet with the commissioner himself. Stompa was in two minds as whether or not he should bring these latest developments to Grimgor or wait until he had met with Preach. He decided to address the commissioner first. He readied his things and set off with a small band of brutes to accompany him. Stompa was very familiar with this route so it didn’t take him long to reach MML HQ. Upon arrival he addressed the guards on the doors, he handed them the note he had received and they sent him inside to see Preach.

After some time Stompa left the office of the Commissioner and met up with the other Orcs outside. “Wot ‘appened den? One of the Orcs asked. “I gonna tell everyone later, let’s go”. And with that being said Stompa and the Orc headed off back to his camp in the Badlands. The journey home was a bit more eventful than the previous one. They encountered a small clan of Skaven Rats on their way back. Nothing the Orcs couldn’t handle, though it did seem odd that they came across these rats so close to the MML HQ. They’re not normally known to be seen in these parts. After the brief scuffle they continued on their path. The rest of the journey was rather brief. Stompa seemed very anxious to get back as soon as possible without any more hiccups along the way.

Upon arrival at camp Stompa was quick to address the Ladz. He rounded them up for a team meeting. He seemed a little excited to tell them what he had learned from his meeting with Preach. “Well Ladz, you’s ‘ave done it, ya gonna be playing Blood Bowl in da MML challenge league”. A loud roar of joy came from the Ladz. This was the moment they had been waiting for. This was what all their hard work was for, all those grueling training matches, all the numerous hours of training. This was what it all came down to. Competing with some of the top coaches around the Old World. “Tonight we celebrate” shouted the coach to his team. Stompa was feeling very pleased with himself. He never managed to get the Bucs into the league, but these Ladz had achieved it rather quickly. Maybe this was a sign that the Bucs were never meant to be in the league, maybe Stompa had found his calling? Who knows, but Stompa knew he had to take this opportunity. Despite only playing a few games with actual other MML coaches Stompa was confident that this team could rise to the occasion. There was only one thing left to do. Report the good news to Grimgor. This would surely please the Black Orc and save Stompa’s skin.

Stompa had arranged a group of boyz to accompany him on his journey to Red Eye Mountain. They would set off the next morning after the celebrations had finished. Just then, in the middle of the celebrations a very disturbed Grot came running into the camp, shouting Stompa’s name. It was one of the two Gretchin that Stompa had sent to investigate the crash site of the Hornets team bus. “Where ‘ave you been, and where’s da other one? Asked Stompa. The distressed Goblin looked at Stompa, he was a nervous wreck, still trembling from what he had seen. Then the little Grot announced some interesting news.

“I saw ‘im, I saw the one who caused the crash ……………………………………


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