The Red Eye Mountain tales (Pt.9)

– An enemy revealed

Season 10 was coming to a close. The Ladz had played their games (much to the disapproval of Grimgor Ironhide who was losing patience with this team). Apart from a few playoff games and the Pumpkin Kings playing their bowl game, there wasn’t much else to look forward too. Season 11 was on the horizon too. This wars a very anxious time within the MML. Coaches on the edge of their seats, patiently waiting to see if their application had been successful, like kids at Christmas, and if they were successful who would they come up against in their new play-pools. This was a more anticipated season than the previous for Stompa. His new starlet would be given a chance to prove himself to the Orc coach. It had been only been a little while since Chris JerichOrc had introduced himself to the other coaches in the league. He’d announced his arrival, added a few names to his ‘list’, and felt like he was ready to take on the world.

Coach Stompa had been playing mind games with coaches during the end of the season, fishing for information. Despite everything going on he still could not get the words out of his head spoken to him by the Shaman at the Kislev stadium where he first met Chris. This was his reasoning behind his tricks. Hoping someone would either slip up and drop some information as to who was behind the hits on Chris, or even better, they would just come out and admit it. Stompa needed answers. Stompa’s assistant coach Bill had a few tricks up his sleeve, something he is known for, and this would prove vital to getting the info he was looking for.

Pre season was underway for the Ladz, as they had no more games to play. And Stompas ladz were known for getting a healthy amount of ‘farming’ in before the season kicked off. Much like the Orcs game against the halflings these games were more ‘experimental’ than anything else. Stompa was still nervous about letting Chris loose whilst he still had a hit out on his head.

Gameday. One of Stompas ‘B’ teams were up against some Amazon team in the Farm. Just before kick off, when all the old firms and hooligans were settling into their seats, Stompa sent a bunch of grots from Red Eye Mountain to sit in the crowd, gave them some gear from the merchandise stand, and told them to blend in with the other fans.

Stompa demanded one of his players take to the field in a bloodied ‘JerichOrc’ jersey. Something the Boyz were not keen to do, considering what happened to them last time. Babyface stepped up, not the sharpest tooth by any means. “Sit back down ya big lump, this jersey aint gonna fit a Black Orc” moaned Stompa. So he threw it on Slippin’ Jimmy, an Orc Lineman.

The game kicked off. Much like any game, the Orcs did their thing. Hit first, pick up the ball 2nd. The game was flowing nicely. If anybody was here to take a shot they weren’t making it obvious. They were keeping their intentions hidden. 15 turns played and nothing. Even the players on the opposing team didn’t seem interested in targeting the Orc Lineman. Turn 16. The Orcs were about to receive the ball for their last drive of the game. WHALLOP! Another rock was thrown. And its target? The Orc Lineman wearing the JerichOrc jersey. Stompa stormed the field like a raged Minotaur despite the game not being over. “FIND ‘IM” shouted Stompa. A couple of his Grots saw where the rock came from, and they didn’t hesitate to track down the culprit. “We got ‘im Boss” shouted the Grots, as they scurried after him. Stompa hurried his way to the area in question as quick as he could. Throwing anyone and everyone out of his path to get to where he wanted to go. McMurtys Squig burgers and chips flying everywhere. Moans and groans from the fans as they were shoved aside by the Orc coach. But when Stompa reached the back of the stands, where the Grots sat they were nowhere to be seen. Stompa headed for the exit in a panic, hoping to catch a glimpse of the attacker. When he got there he found all his Grots laying on the floor. They were out cold, laying in a pool of their own blood. “AAAAAARRRGGHHH” screamed Stompa. He couldn’t beleive the villain had escaped him again. Just then a lifeline was thrown Stompa’s way. One of his Grots was moving, showing a sign of life. Stompa dragged him up off the ground and tried to get some information out of him. “Who done it? Where iz he? The Grot raised his right arm, clutching a rag in his hand. The quick thinking Grot had managed to tear it from his foe. Stompa looked at it. It was black and yellow, it had an emblem on it. Though only parts of it could be distinguished through the holes and the blood. It looked like an insect. Maybe a wasp? Then the penny dropped. Stompa knew who was behind all of this now. “You’ll pay for this” he thought to himelf as he dropped the rag to the floor and headed back inside.


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