The Return of TheStu

What happened to TheStu?
Once a well renown coach of the MML he seemed to have disappeared after his lost at the hands of Reznorrulesyou. He went off trying to rediscover who he was and find the lost fire in his eyes.

When the owner of the High Wings of Hope called him to coach in a farewell season, he found what was once lost.
TheStu left a second time but this time he knew what he was doing. He was scouting for what he thought could be the next Champions in work and he found them!!

Please welcome TheStu and his Har Ganeth Executionerz!!!!

Captain of the team Cevith Silentheart
He is not the most talented player on the pitch but what he lacks in skill he has in hatred.

His assistants:
Vargin Dawntaker
Vurar Hellfury
Rigil Emberscar
Don’t underestimate these guys as they will face anyone and do whatever is needed to bring back a victory.

The remaining of the team is filled with guards and raiders of the village that wanted to try something new and maybe manage to win a better social status.
Guards :
Tenun, Nivus, Tolovith and Roucer.

Raiders :
Gacolan, Dalen and Vercat.

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