The Return

After Rand had left Plague Inc behind hed had been struck with an illness that probably should have killed him. He had traveled to the ends of the world to get a cure, and he had finally found it. He wasnt quite sure where he was, somewhere in the middle of a desert. The apothecary helping him was nothing but a skeleton, but he had been effective. As Rand prepared to head back into the world, he had heard rumors of a blood bowl team wandering aimlessly through the desert, looking for the right coach to take them to a league. Rand set out on his horse, with nothing but rumors and hearsay to go off of. Days went by, wandering the desert alone, searching for his salvation, his return. One night while he was asleep, Rand was woken up by the buffeting winds of a desert high storm. His tent was ripped off the ground and blow away, his horse struck down by debris in the storm, everything was torn away from him that night. After the storm subsided, Rand still alive somehow, in a daze he started walking. Thinking to himself this is it, this is the end, survived the curse of Nurgle just to die in a desert alone. As midday of the day after the storm hit came about, Rand was on his last leg, barely able to continue, sun beating down on him like a thousand hammers. Rand could go no further, he could not take one more step, and he fell to his knees. All of a sudden the world darkened, was it clouds? No, there hadnt been a cloud in the sky in weeks, this was different, he opened his eyes and looked up, he was surrounded by 4 .. what? Grey Towers? But towers dont walk, or move, and the next thing he knew he was being carried by one of the towers, and he passed out.

Rand woke up startled, and sat up looking around. What he saw amazed him. He was in an oasis, fresh water and fruit never looked so good, but that wasnt what amazed him. There were blood bowl players practicing in the desert outside  of the Oasis, a full team of Khemri elites. He realized very quickly that he had mistaken Tomb Guardians for towers. A Thro-Ra walked up to Rand and sat down. He said 3 words, and Rand was sure it was not a question.  “You, Coach us.” A month later and Rand was back in the old world, with his blood bowl team ready to enter the MML once again. While many coaches and players remembered him, there were far more new coaches and teams in the league then Rand would have thought. This is what he had been waiting for, for almost a year now, the one thing that kept him going when many would have given up. His Return had finally come.

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