The rise of the sleeping giant

Hi there Toto Lazy eye here for you.

Where here at the Bosuil after the game between Royal fantasy fan club and The grimy pie.

It was a 3-1 win for the RFFC but even after that there is no reason for celebration, there was a break in during there festivity’s. So there was no gold to pay for the players of the medical staff.

Now 2 days after all of this the club has been sold to a new owner Gerik Bluetooth So lets ask him some questions.

So Gerik what is your idea now that you taken over the club?

Yeah first things first we need to find a new team. So here is a call to all our fans if you wane play feel free we cant pay you but it will be lots off fun. You get to play with our one and only pro player left Naltin.

Naltin who is this player?

He is the guy who stayed even if we could not pay him anymore. He said you new boss i have been a fan of this club all my life i will play for free just get me the players i will carry them.

So you realy gonna take any fan that wants to come?

Off course you cant get picky in our situation. Every Dark elve is welcome on the pitch in the Bosuil! Whit our fan base this cant be a real problem.

So do you have a new coach already?

This i can say we heard to some fans of the club and we found a new coach. He coaches The revang of the dwarfs in the pro’s of the MML. He said i wil do this job part time for free just to help you guys out.

So can you tell me what the future brings?

We will try and rebuild this great club, but it will take time and money. We are saving up to bring a Witch to the team first. That was a demand from Royke. But before we can get this we need to play games.

Speaking of games have you found a league to start in with no gold?

Yess we did. We looked around and talk to some commissioners and we found the great guy preach who said you can join our farm league for free. Have fun and play as much you like.

That was all for this week. Thanks for your answers Gerik.

Hope to see you next time with some good story’s Toto,

So you heard it her first this is a club in the building stage’s. Will we see them rise or wil we see them fall. Follow it here with me your great old reporter Toto lazy-eye.

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