The Rocking Rhinos! are here to rock the House!

It was a silent crossing back to lustria. As Paleidokos crossed it the first time he was excited. It was the start of a journey he would never forget.

He started into the MML to play for glory. His lizards did their best. But it wasn’t enough unfortunately. They had some great season, but suffered more and more casualties and finally they were not able to compensate.

It was finally their last season where they lost 4 players alone in one game. Under the players was Uwe. He suffered a niggling injury and won’t be able to come back to the pitch. But he was lucky as there were more than enough players which where killed.

On their way back to lustria the shattered leftovers of which was at some point a team, didn’t spoke anything. They mourned about the deaths. They mourned about what could’ve been.

But after all they where proud. They went to the pros and they managed to get hold in the league.

As they came back to lustria, the people of lustria where told what happened. And after all they still felt proud for this team. It would be granted a place in the trophy case. At least something every player dreamed for. It promised immortality.

Paleidokos is a recognized trainer now. But he was done with Blood Bowl. He wanted to pause.

But then there came Uwe. His superstar. And something like a good friend. The skink told him from a fresh team which has just formed. They had some promising players but zero experience and needed desperately a trainer. Uwe knew some of these players. and he wanted that they get one of the best trainers he knew.

So Paleidokos had a new team. It wasn’t his choice after all. The Firesalamanders maybe where not there. And he definitely didn’t wanted to make another Firesalamanders team, as this team was unique.

He got to know his team at a festival. The Lizards where dancing wildly. It was a hot and loud night. And the Lizards rocked this night.

It was the beginning of the Rocking Rhinos.

Paleidokos hoped, that they would rock the pitch too. He would teach them everything they needed to know. And he was sure: this journey would be great.

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