The Sin of Dignity

The Sin of Dignity,

by Alan Mittag

A week had come and gone, and without Tenactiy, Dignity has been lost.  There has been no training. There hasn’t even been much conversation.  But the worst of it, is that no one has seen Coach Sestonn since the memorial service.  He hasn’t even come out for food.  The sounds from his office have been horrifying.  Screams.  Yelling.  Crying.  And so much violence that I expect the room to be completely smashed.

Cautiously, I knocked on the door to Coach Sestonn’s office.  There was no answer, only silence.

I knocked again, and heard a growl, like that of some animal.  “Coach Sestonn?”  I asked.

“Go away.” The answer came from beyond the door.  It sounded like him, mostly.  The words were heavier, grumbled together.

“We’re all worried about you,”  I said.

I could hear motion from inside.  It sounded like he stood up.

“If you could just come out.”

Something roared from inside and struck the door.  It bounced on its hinges.  “Go away!”

I slinked away from the door.

Tactician came up behind me and placed a hand on my shoulder.  “He’s been struggling for a long time.  Ever since locking you in that room with Physique.  Maybe even before that.  I’m afraid this is one battle he has to go through on his own.”

“But what if….”  I said.

“Then we will deal with that when the time comes,” Tactician said.  “He’s the coach.  And in the end, its entirely up to him what kind of coach he wants to be.”


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