The Sin of Meliodas

The Sin of Meliodas

by Alan Mittag

The Seven Deadly Sins met with an unstoppable force in the Hopeless Necromantics and their skill freak Shawn Michaels.  Michaels was responsible for much of the damage caused to the Sins during their match.

As soon as the match was over, The Sins Captain, Meliodas (Mel-lee-yo-das) led the team straight out to the after party at his tavern, The Boar Hat.  Naturally I followed along, trying to get an interview with the team after their first Pro match in the MML.  Once inside, they stripped their armor and went right into drinking.

The groupies followed, filling the tavern quickly.  The Sins aren’t as rich in fans as a lot of MML teams, so the Boar Hat was able to handle the party easily.

The first Sin I encountered as I pushed through the tavern was Gowther (Go-ther).  I pulled out my notebook and asked, “Sir Gowther, what do you think….”

I was interrupted.  Gowther grabbed my chest and squeezed.  I jumped away from him.  “What are you doing!”

Gowther said simply, “It’s a new greeting I learned from the Captain.”

My jaw went slack.  I didn’t know what to say.  I didn’t know how to feel.  Did he just try to violate me?

“What was your question?”  Gowther said.

Oh!  I snapped back to my senses.  “What do you think went wrong in the match tonight?”

Gowther looked genuinely confused.  “Something went wrong?”

“You lost.” I said.

“We played Blood Bowl, right?  Isn’t that what we were supposed to do?” Gowther said.

“Well, I…  I guess.”  I said.  “Do you think you lost because Wrath couldn’t handle Shawn Michaels?”

“Who?”  Gowther said, ticking his head to the side like a puppy.

“Wrath!  Shawn Michaels?  The duel to decide the most dangerous player of the playpool?”

Gowther’s head cocked even more to the side, if that was possible.  “I don’t know what you are talking about.”

The flat of my palm smacked my forehead.  Was this guy for real?  I looked back down at my notebook, hoping for a question that even an idiot could answer.  When I looked back up, Gowther was gone.

“I can answer that question.”  The voice came from right behind me.

Meliodas looked like a child of about thirteen years, with bright blonde hair and big friendly eyes.  He said, “You wanted to know what happened, right?  Why we lost?”

“Yes!”  I said.

“It’s my fault,”  Meliodas said.  “I got distracted.”

“Distracted by what?”

“That girl in the third row.”  He said.  “With the white and red panties.  Just like a candy cane.”

My mouth hung open.  “… … …”

“You didn’t see her?”  Meliodas said.

I slowly shook my head.

He gave me a friendly punch to the arm, and laughed.  “Sorry Bud, you missed out.”

Then Meliodas jumped onto the nearest table and yelled to the whole party, “Who wants another ale?”



  1. They have talented Chaos Warriors. I mean they talk! The Power Hour CWs are all mutes. Makers Mark sometimes draws pictures but that’s about the extent of communications.

  2. Oh my goodness… They do seem a cheery, (and creepy,) bunch. But I guess that is the idea. 🙂

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