The Slann Seers Emerge

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The Meeting of the Ways – Slaan Seers and the Slann Seers

Josiah Frost arrived, for the first time, at the All Seeing Eye, home of the Slaan Seers. He had never been there in person; always choosing to communicate with his team through the medium of a crystal ball, displaying the All Seeing Eye, and through the voice of the Overseers.  But here he was. He lit a cigar and walked inside and onto the pitch.

There was a hive of activity within the stadium. A huge palanquin, surrounded by skink and saurus attendants, rested in the middle of the pitch. Within the palanquin, in repose, was the large bloated form of the slann, Lord Xlotec. Around the stadium other skinks and saurus were busily at work pulling down banners, repainting the seating and generally re-decorating. Engaging in team practice was not the lizardmen team which Josiah Frost usually coached but an array of humans and what appeared to be a polar bear. Frost moved to the palanquin and knelt before his new lord. He decided to just accept what was happening, not daring to object.

“The second of my gifts, since you have accepted my patronage, Josiah Frost,” chuckled Lord Xlotec, lazily waving his hand in the direction of the team at play. “The first you still hold in your hand.”

Frost looked down to his right hand where he did indeed still hold the cube of unmelting ice, which Lord Xlotec ‘gifted’ him at their last encounter. He had no idea why it was there and certainly had no recollection of taking it from his pocket, which was where he last believed he had left it. Frost’s eyes were drawn to it and he found himself staring deep within. Lord Xlotec motioned with his hands once more and spoke words in some ancient, long forgotten language. The team logo’s around the Slaan Seers stadium faded and were replaced by that of the unmelting ice cube. As Frost looked deeper inside an eye, like that of the Slaan Seers logo was staring back at him and was then gone from view.


“We will take the Slaan Seers and freeze them at the end of the season. Seal them and preserve them” spoke Lord Xlotec. He continued, whilst beckoning the bear and the humans to come closer, “These are not the Slann you wanted Josiah Frost,” spoke Lord Xlotec, in an almost ominous voice. “Nor are they necessarily the Slann you deserve. But they are the ‘Slann’ I give to you, as close to the team you always dreamed of as I can create. I will remain as your patron and these will truly be the Slann Seers. Owned by me, coached by you.”

Josiah Frost looked over the team that he now began to dare would become his to coach in the new MML season. “They will be fine, my lord. We will do our best for you.”

One of the older looking members of the new team smiled and gave a curt bow, “By the grace of Lord Xlotec, I am pleased to present myself as the new overseer of the Slann Seers, coach Frost. We will do our best to make you proud.”

Frost smiled a happy smile. Win or lose, draw or fail, fly high above their opponents or crash painfully into the dirt…. The Slann Seers had emerged.


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