The Wagons Are Ready

Just last season coach Fire Talker and the Hit Wagons lost their star Chaos Dwarf Blocker “Extra Strength”. He was a cornerstone of the team and coach Fire Talker’s favorite player. The team mourned the loss of their brother but had to move forward.
The team picked up Bhartan Burntmouth who had grown a claw and learned mighty blow before he was recruited. During the season burnt mouth has earned nearly 34 spp in his first season and gained 2 more skills. The league is currently investigating how this player has progressed so rapidly and is accusing him of warpstone injections and making a deal with Hashut himself! Coach Fire Talker could not be more proud!
This is the push that the Hit Wagons needed! There are currently 12 completely healthy members on the team and enough cash to buy a 13th. The hit wagons do not have a ton of money and will probably be looking to bring in a hobgoblin with a heavy foot!
The Hit Wagons did not make the playoffs and while disappointed coach Fire Talker is eager for next season and the promise of what his team is capable of. The team and coach will be ready! The question is will the league be ready for the Hit Wagons?

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