The War Dogs Return !

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It was the off season for the West Coast War Dogs and Coach Hairy Warthog was preparing for the upcoming season. He looked at his team with pride, his team had managed to actually win a game! Ok, so it might have been against a halfling team but it keeps the fans and sponsors happy right !? The War Dogs first season was disastrous, with two of his ogres dying on the pitch! He brought in the services of Marma Puke to toughen his guys up and remember how to “ogre”, and that’s exactly what he did! Puke came into the squad with no special skills, no talents but soon established himself as a fan favourite! He even bagged himself a touchdown this season!

So what did the coach envision for this season? His first thought was just to survive! Ogres are so expensive too replace! Gnobblers he didn’t care much for, they looked and smelt all the same too him and were only good for throwing down the field, either with the ball or at the opponent, either is fine. Hairy looked again at his team, the big guys were taking shape and earning plenty of experience, one had even been watching a step aerobics video he’d found in the rubbish bin, seemed to have paid off though Hairy thought and looked alot more agile on the pitch. Maybe he coukd bring something different here, maybe, just maybe he could bring in the passing and catching game to ogres!? Would it work? Could it work!? Should it work? No it shouldn’t! But Hairy never played by the rules! Hairy got word that there maybe a goblin team in the league next season, now that would be interesting! He knew his boys loved to squash little green things, it’s the reason he usually had to recruit three new gnobblers each week! But, goblins are nasty, tricksy little blighters, they don’t play nicely with all their buzzing, sharp, noisy things and that nasty spinning hard thing.

This season will make or break the team Hairy knew, but hopefully he’d break a few teams in the process. That reminded him, he’d ordered a few wardancers for the team to toy with. Of course he had to make it fair, the wardancers had their ankles and wrists shackled!!! Ha ha ha ha! Could Season 13 be unlucky for some?

See you all next season guys!!!



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