The Wet Bandits Find a Home

The Wet Bandits are not spectacular. There are no stat freaks on the team, and we can’t generate enough money to ever gain the proper amount of players a Skaven team really should have. Last season we came in middle of the pack and simply did not play well. Through all of this The Wet Bandits are my favorite team I have ever coached.

Let’s rewind the clock to two weeks prior to season 13. I was coaching the Horned Rat Warpstoners in the CCL like I have been for over a year. One particular night I get matched against a coach I had never seen before, Randthemad. The weather was sweltering heat and after a very tough first half we were down 0-2 with only 6 men left on the field. I thought we were done. The second half kickoff was deep and Rands thrower had failed to pickup the ball! I ran my 2 heads blodge agi 5 gutter up grabbed the ball and after Rand had failed to pow my blodger, I scored. At that moment the heat showed mercy and the numbers were even again. I went on to win that game 3-2.

After the game I decided to watch twitch to unwind. I had been watching Beerz commentate for about a month and enjoyed watching him cast the games. I tuned into the game and saw his co-commentator/opponent was none other than Randthemad! I couldn’t believe it! I just got done playing the greatest match I have ever played and here was the coach that had just lost to that insanity. I decided to say hi and get his thoughts on the match. Randthemad was not salty and did not inform me that I “got lucky” like so many coaches seem to do. Instead he seemed excited that he was part of that crazy match and congratulated me. I was blown away at the sportsmanship. Rand mentioned that he and Beerz were playing a MML league match and that I should look into it. I was intrigued by the thought of a community made up of coaches with the same attitude as Beerz and Rand.

I decided to log into the website and join the discord that night. 10 seconds into the discord channel and I became bombarded with a wall of informative text from Chase, a man so efficient and helpful I believed to be the channels bot. I quickly discovered that we were a mere 2 weeks away from the new season starting and that I needed to get a team into the Farm ASAP.

I immediately put out to a call for a Skaven team. We jumped into the Farm and immediately went to work. The rats were leveling up quickly and were running undefeated. Then out of nowhere the leagues commissioner Preach himself answered a call I had put out for a Farm match. I told him I only had one team and was willing to put them up against anything he wanted to throw at them. In comes The Ringmasters, an all hobgoblin team! I remember thinking, great! My boys have been leveling up and will have no problem destroying a team of hobgoblins… I lost that game. It was not even close. At that point my mentality shifted. I had been grinding to try to get the perfect team to win the whole championship my very first season.

Im still in pursuit of the championship, however I am just enjoying the journey now. The MML is more than a championship. It’s a community of friends that all share a love for the most infuriating game ever made, but as Bob Bifford has said many times, it is also “the greatest game ever made!”

The Wet Bandits will be back season 14 with a new killer we have acquired from our mentor and friend Randthemad.

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