They have robbed their last cadavers

Written by MrRubberbullets
The Necromancer looked over his haggard team and sighed. He could not make sense of what has happened to his carefully handpicked and resurrected Necromantic team. It was as if a curse had been placed on them, every critical play was met with disaster. Everything would be going so well and then just end in disappointment and shame.
“Alright you bunch of rotting cadavers; I’ve got something I want to say.” The Necromancer said has he paced up and down the rows of the benches in the locker room. “For a team being called the Cadaver Robbers you sure suck at making and stealing cadavers!”
Raff, the senior werewolf on the team, groaned at this and replied, “Well coach we work with what we got. We’ve replaced four flesh golems and the most senior of them is a gibbering mess of a beast that doesn’t know a standing position from a prone one. Ghouls attempt to refuse your offers on signing up because their un-life expectancy is literally a single match. And don’t even get me started on my brother Riff, who died in the first season!” By the end of this rant Raff was left breathless and panting with frustration, anger, and grief.
“I know it has been difficult and I’m not saying you all didn’t give every game your all, but it just can’t go on like this.” Replied the necromancer as he placed a hand on Raff’s furry shoulder.
“What are you trying to tell us,” asked Raff.
“I’m retiring the team and will be putting you all back into your graves after this next season,” with this there was silence. Not one player spoke or looked up at the necromancer. They all knew this was coming except for the teams senior flesh golem who just sat on the bench, trying to swat at invisible pixies or whatever his scrambled re-animated brain perceived in front of him. “The last thing I’m ever going to ask from you all is, will you give me one more season of blood and mayhem?”
No one spoke at first, but it was Raff that broke the silence. He stood and gave the greatest howl of his life. When it was over the rest of the team stood and all began to cheer and hoot. The Necromancer smiled and whispered to himself, “Curse or no curse this team has made me proud.” Wiping a small, fragile tear from his eye the necromancer turned and exited the locker room.

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