How did you manage to stay alive? I mean, you did confess to your team that it was actually you the one who had stolen that bangle they cherished so much. I must admit it was a clever ruse; or maybe you were just lucky. In any case, I bet your players must have been furious; you deceived them all. Why was the bangle so important to them anyways? I heard rumors about it having dark powers that would allow he who wears it to rule the world; but it seems all that was just tall tales. Well, I guess there was a curse after all. It must feel weird now, to be my assistant coach; but I guess that beats being a mediocre coach of a soon to be forgotten team.

As he listened to the endless rambling of Coach Dragoon, GioHacekas nodded and smiled sympathetically; of course that was just a side effect of the Wine of Isis he had drunk. However, the main effect carried him into a trancelike state in which he could perceive all time and space simultaneously. He could connect the dots between his past actions and the present outcomes… even the repercussions into the future. The scenes unfolded before him as clear as crystal… although some of the subtleties remained enigmatic.

Your Pharaohs had a good start; many of the other teams did not know how to deal with them. I guess it was mainly due to the novelty of facing such a high strength team. However, although you had a trick up your sleeve with Mhortal Khombat, the Pharaohs quickly grew stale. That definitely is the downfall of any team; some novelty is required to stay up in the fight. Take my Reptilian People for instance, they were fierce and strong and fast, and agile, and smart and always brought a surprise.

At present, he was in the past. After retrieving the Bangle of Supay from Gerdleah’s Pro Hawks, he used it to awaken the Goddess Isis. She was the one who revealed his new fate… and the sacrifice it would cost to achieve it. The Bangle Pharaohs had accomplished their mission already and the pieces were falling into place. They were dear to his heart, but a new chapter was already being written and he had to let them go. Of course all this had to remain a secret; that’s why, seeing the greed of Thunden’s Olympus Risen, he returned the Bangle to the MML.

Well, in any case, you sure are lucky to be working for me now. We will take the Challenger League by surprise with the new team I’ll bring. However, I must admit recruiting them is proving to be tricky. This idea of yours to just sit here in the middle of the jungle waiting seems very silly. I think we should take a more active approach and try to track them down; then they’d know we’re really interested in their talents. I know you said they’d kill us both before we could even get a glance of them; but, we need to show them we got some initiative.

Later, he was in the present. The Amazon Rangers were watching them from the treetops, ready to capture them and bring them before their Queen. The strangers did not seem like a threat; and that was the only reason they were still breathing. Even if the mere presence of men on the island was an offense to their Goddesses, there was something about these two that was different. The older one seemed to be inexplicably wise while the young one had an air of finesse and flamboyancy. In any case, it was time to strike. They leaped down and fell on them.

Please be calm now ladies. I’m certain we can talk things out. Please lower your spears and we can discuss this calmly. Oh no. There’s no need to use those ropes. I assure you we come in peace. If you could just let me explain. I am a Blood Bowl Coach looking for the best Lustrian players. The old man is my assistant. C’mon GioHacekas. Don’t just sit there looking dumb. Help me out. I knew this plan of yours was just rubbish. I should’ve come by myself. You really are pathetic… just as your idea about having two Throwers in a team.

Before that, he was in the future. Dragoon was still convinced his transformation was part of the requirements set by the Amazon Queen, Runamula, in order to coach the Amazonican Pumas. Poor Dragoon had actually fallen under her spell… Runamula is a clever whisperer. GioHacekas had grown fond of Dragoon; that’s why, deep inside, he regretted storming out and pretending the silly disagreement about the number of Throwers on the Team was the cause of them splitting ways… but someone had to pay the sacrifice and GioHacekas had no other choice. He knew Isis would understand he was a man who wrote his own fate… and she would be pleased to know the Deadly Dames like to write their fate with the blood of their opponents.

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