Thorns of Rosewood

Thorns of Rosewood is a bloodbowl team that first took the field in the UKBBL season 27 where they played for 3 seasons and had a mix of results. After funding problems they had to quit playing and the players went back to their normal professions.


Rosewood is a small rural village where everyone knows each other and the players aren’t professional Bloodbowl players. For example you can find Fast Fred in his workshop during the day and in the local bar at night. After the funding issues the village organised a bake sale but were unable to find the necessary funds to return to the field.

With the announcement of the World Cup Qualifiers, their old coach returned to the village and had locked in the funds needed for a hail mary in the MML. Even though it’s only a 1 off, the players are happy to return to the field and show some of the new skills they picked up in the absence of the coach.

Winning the World Cup Qualifier and making it to the World Cup would mean a big deal for the village as their only accomplishment to date is Nasty Ned winning the “best sausages of the province”.

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