Tickle, tickle, tickle…

The elves had made him proud. They had not only given him the most exciting and fun season, they had left it all on the pitch. Now they deserved some rest, for at least a season.

While Fantastic Route had left the MML, the head coach MuRRe hadn’t been sitting totally idle. He had a backup team, “Wild Tickle Fight”.
They weren’t as punchy, but they were much sturdier and half of the Blockers had shown huge strength when it came to not being pushed around.

Not only was it a new team, but a new coach of sorts as well. Although not knowing how many seasons or what direction the team would take, they [Wild Tickle Fight] couldn’t resist the offer to play at least 7 games under the coach. Worst case scenario they would be laughed at but they had promised a pretty penny no matter the result. Although Fantastic Route had come at a great cost there were still gold left for at least one season after The Nordic Pagans had secured a bowl game, which did come with a fair share of potential winnings.

As tired as he [MuRRe] was, he still wanted to coach some Blood Bowl and wanted to show that with good positioning and a strong head he could take another race to 50% winrate in the mix that was MML.

While the semi-final loss hadn’t totally left the back of his mind it was certainly not a focal point anymore and it was important to work on mental strength. Having sturdier players on the pitch would hopefully result in an even more relaxed coach that instead of feeling frustrated would focus on what to improve on and what to keep doing.

Win or Lose, there is always something to take away from a match of Blood Bowl…

Hope to see YOU on the pitch.

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