Time to say goodbye

Beerz sat in his tent.  Week 4 had ended with a big win over the Pumpkin Kings yet Beerz wasn’t happy or sitting with the boys having a pint.  For the first time he felt tired, empty and ran thin.  He looked around his tent.  Pictures of fallen brothers the latest Billy One Eye Willy and Eland hang next to the likes of Jofro13 and the mighty Prikterg and so many others.  Beside them were the ones that not only made the misfits who they were but the ones that made it all the way to retirement.  Trish Rustlust, Ullow Tail, Maks Darthmal, Remy Martin and Ketel One.   How proud of them he felt.  On the other side of the room were the trophys for their bowl games.  Then he looked up to the greatest trophy of all. Season 18 MML pro championship trophy.  It was glistening as the falling sun hit.  Memories flooded he’s head of that run.

     All these great things yet he felt tired, run down.  He was proud he was able to take this young new generation of Misfits forward but something was eating at him.  He reached across the table and uncorked a bottle of oat wine.  He took a swig and sat back in his chair.  He knew what he had to do as he licked the drops of wine from his furry chin.

    He picked up his quail and grab a fresh sheet of parchment.

To my dearest bunch of Misfits

   I sit here with a broken heart. Today I have decided to retire from the misfits.  We’ve been through so much.  Great wins and many deaths.  We changed how we play and how many other races look at us.  The things we’ve done and the bonds we’ve made over so many seasons, bowl games, playoff runs and of course are championship I will hold always dear to my heart.  All you from old players to new have allowed this crippled beastman to follow his dream.  This has been the greats ride I’ve always dreamed of.  I couldn’t have asked for a better bunch of MISFITS!

    Beerz sat the letter down picked up his bottle and walked over to his bed.  Tomorrow will be the start of the end and with that he laid down and fell asleep.

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