Tomorrow. A day ahead, a future full of promise. The Infinite Darkness, a Blood Bowl team of some attacking flair and even greater cruelty were hungrily waiting for their tomorrow.

Having gained promotion in their inaugural season had followed it up with a solid showing in the Pro League narrowly missing out on the post season.

That narrow miss had led to a brutal end of season. Captive slaves had been slaughtered in their hundreds, each dying a slow, painful death to sate the hunger for torture the team delighted in.

A new player had been added to the ranks – DwarfGiant had not seen a Dark Elf as fast. A player that had the potential to light up the Pro League. All he had to do was stay alive. It wasn’t just the opposition the new Runner, Indlil, had to be wary of. Jealousy was a dangerous thing to inspire in your team mates.

All that awaited now was to see which of the inferior MML teams would join them in their playpool. Lothrinfynn needed new playthings to cement her status and become the first Legendary player within the team, or indeed player of any race that DwarfGiant had coached.

A new season beckoned and it would be glorious… At least, that was the plan.

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